Why have I never dated in college?

Okay, so to start off I am not ugly, overweight, unhygienic, boring or close minded. Now that is out of the way I want to know why I attend a university with over 45,000 students and I have never dated anyone? For the first 3 years I can say I never really cared nor thought about it because I just hung-out with my friends, doing what young people do in college go on beach trips, malls, gym, movie theaters, clubs, bars, random trips to other states, late night walks and recently church and other fun stuff. I am a bubbly person with personable and amicable personality and making friends is as easy as breathing for me but now that I am in my senior year I do not understand by I have never been on date? Wtf? The guys I meet either just want to sleep with me (never gonna happen), we just become friends or they have girlfriends and wouldn't mind dating me on the side (again NEVER). I just don't get it?

Why have I never dated in college?
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