Girls and Guys: How much should you touch a girl on a first date to generate attraction?

Not really any additional details. I'm talking mostly about young, professional adults between 24 and 30+

Is there too much touching even if she seems to dig it?

Is there such a thing as "not enough touching"?

How do girls interperate touch early in a relationship, in general?


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  • There definitely is too much touching. I think it will be obvious how far she wants to go...and if you're not sure, ask her. If I really like a guy on the first date, I don't think there's anything wrong with making out/wandering hands as long as they're not going places they shouldn't be. It's the first date, just make sure she feels comfortable. I interpret a guy touching me as he's attracted to me, but if it's too much, it just seems like he is a player and only wants one thing.


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  • you shouldn't really even touch a girl on a first date unless it's a hug goodbye...anything else will make her feel uncomfortable.

  • hand on lower back is always appropriate


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