Women's tests: Justified? or just Bitchy behavior?

We all know that women test for many reasons.

Here are the main reasons:

1. To see if he is a leader/ alpha.

2. To see if he likes her for her and not just for sex.

3. For fun.

The logic behind it is, from an evolutionary standpoint, if he can't stand up to me, how is he going to protect me?

Women have what I call "white knight syndrome" and what that means is, women have to test to see if he can stand up to the horrible "dragon" i.e. "life" and its many challenges, and rescue her from its clutches.

If he can't stand up to the bad behavior of the damsel, how is he going to stand up to the dragon, (life) and protect/save her.

That's why firemen/ men in uniform are sexy to women.

Its not really the money they want. (although money IS power) its dominance.

So what do women do? they bust a mans balls, they treat him badly to see if he can take it, To test his resolve.

In other words women act very poorly to see if you will stand up to them.

If you do, you pass their tests, and you get the girl.

Here's the problem with that:

The girl only gets 2 types of men.

1. The player who knows its just a test, but unfortunately dislikes the attitude and moves on to other women because he can get other women who don't treat him this way.

2. The a-hole. A man who just uses women for sex anyways, and sees the test as a challenge, goes through them and dumps her after he's done with her physically.

The problem is most women don't know when to turn this behavior off.

Typically what happens is the more a woman gets used for sex, the longer she's going to be in this behavior, and the more tests she's going to pull on a man.

So that's why sometimes a hot women gets dumped, used for sex, and that same man goes for an uglier woman.

In other words, she can't turn it off. She acts this way, thinks she has to in order to find a "real man" who is both a leader/alpha and likes her for her.

And she does that by acting that way.

Its almost like trying to make friends by punching them in the teeth.

and saying "well if you were really awesome those teeth wouldn't have fallen out."

So its an endless cycle. The woman gets used because she's testing too much, the man gets tired of the tests and uses her only for looks because that's all she has to offer, dumps her, she feels worse, makes more tests, and it starts over again. The whole time she thinks its men being sex pigs, when its her lack of personality that pushes men away.

And many of these women typically settle for overweight, boring men with money and no personality, who they are not really attracted to, and have children with because if they are not going to meet someone interesting they might as well get paid for it.

So, do you think women's tests are justified?
Women's tests: Justified? or just Bitchy behavior?
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