People of GAG, Do you think that a female/male wanting attention is a bad thing?

So I did a little project on here. I changed my profile pictures to something a bit more provocative and asked men what came to mind when they saw them. I also stated that I was in a bad mood and needed compliments (which was true I must admit). I was very clear about it. I wanted to see how many negatives comments I would get. Surprisingly I had a couple of negatives but most were positive which is great. I did this little experiment because GAG does have a how do I look subject but from what I've seen its mostly young girls/boys going through the unconfident stage we all go through. In all honesty, I think men and women should use their words kindly to the younger less confident people on here no matter how the person looks we should consider that there are people with mental issues and suicidal thoughts. I know that social networks always have the peeping toms, the people who are always rude and let's be honest the assholes, but we as people shouldn't be as negative to others even if we do have that anonymous option on here. But overall I'm very impressed with the kindness of which I was give for the most part.


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  • I don't think it's a problem at all. Who doesn't love attention?


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  • It depends on the kind of attention you're seeking. If you want to be noticed, it's perfectly acceptable to be outgoing and jocular. If you're seeking attention because you feel you have to be in the limelight constantly, you may have a bit of a problem. You don’t have to be in the spotlight at all times. You should be content with the attention you get when in social situations without going over board. Extreme attention seeking is a sign of narcissism as well. We all seek attention, but it should be in reasonable amounts.
    I really do agree with you on that point about kindness though.

    • Nailed it.

    • Aw, thank you! I usually see others bashing on people who want attention in all possible circumstances which is sort of wrong to me :/

    • Agreed!!! and my point exactly. It's so wrong to be so judgmental especially to the younger one.

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  • I don't think it's a bad thing at all it's only bad when you start doing things that I really crazy to get attention then it becomes an issue

  • I think we all crave attention from time to time

  • and why would we use kind words kindly to the younger?


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