Autistic individuals are a marginalized group. Change my mind?

Yes or no and why


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  • I think there will always be a stigma around them as some people can't except whats different than what they see in the mirror. Although as time goes on and more and more kids are "diagnosed" on the "spectrum" it will be less noticable to has has it and who doesn't.

  • Mass killers are far more likely to be autistic than the general population.

    The killer at Sandy Hook was autistic.
    The killer at UCC was autistic.
    The killer at Parkland was autistic.
    The killer at Isla Vista was autistic.
    The killer at Virginia Tech was autistic.
    The killer at Aurora was autistic.
    And there are more...

    It is not just random mass murderers, but also serial killers.

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      It’s still wrong to treat every one like they are destined to become one. They also weren’t pacifists like myself.

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      I still think it’s wrong to take rights away from people especially if they haven’t done anything to deserve it.

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      They should be adjudicated, then locked up.

      EVERY random mass killer that had been on psych drugs, which is almost all of them since Columbine, and includes a disproportionate percent of autistics had seen a psychiatrist to prescribe those drugs. They should be prescribing lobotomies.

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