Would you consider me a crazy person if I hate or despise my own ethnic group?

My ethnicity is that I'm Latino but I'm racially (Mulatto Dominican father and Dark-skinned Mestiza Mexican mother) and was born and raised in the US. I traveled to Mexico and Dominican Republic to meet a few relatives I never met, only to get snubbed and treated like shit by them because of me being dark-skinned. Also, I don't have a real family bond with my parents, more of a provider/needs relationship.

People keep telling me how Latinos are accepting and "tolerant" all races, which I honestly call bullshit. If Latinos are so racially harmonious and accepting, then why are Blacks and Indigenous people still treated like crap and living in poverty while White Latinos/Criollos are all living comfortably at their (Blacks and Indigenous) expense and put on a pedestal by the mainstream media all over Latin America?

I never understood why everyone likes to single out the "Anglos" or US/Americans for racism when Latinos, particularly White and Mestizo Latinos are just as, if not, more racist than White Anglo Americans. The only difference is that the racists in the US are much more upfront and honest about their racism while the racists in Latin America are passive aggressive and behind closed doors or your back. Not to mention that Latin Americans often get away their racism and get a free pass by the social media while Americans are constantly getting ripped new assholes for it, even when they aren't being racist.

Anyways, I hate the Latino culture for its Eurocentrism and racist hypocrisy (for their treatment of Blacks and American Indians) and refuse to ever socialize with Latinos based on my personal experience with my own family and simply denounce my Mexican and Dominican heritage and just label myself as just an American.
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  • I would call you racist


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