Has anyone here been treated unfairly because of what sex you are?

Sexism. How common is it? And how bad is it? Is it much more towards one sex now than another? This pole will hoprfully help find out.

What was your experience with this Issue? And what have you done in response to being treated unfairly-- if you have done anything? Did you care very much?
  • Has anyone here been treated unfairly because of what sex you are?Yes. I'm a man.
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  • Has anyone here been treated unfairly because of what sex you are?Yes. I'm a lady.
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  • Yes. And I have treated others unfairly.
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  • No. But I have treated others unfairly.
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  • Has anyone here been treated unfairly because of what sex you are?No.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • of course. I think that there will always be the underlying feeling among most men AND women that men are better. your boss promotes the male worker because the female is "too fragile" to do the work. it also seems that both men and women prefer it when their boss is a man. Apparently not even women can appreciate strong, beautiful, successful females. it gives them too much to compete against. instead, they resort to bitching and degrading other women to make themselves feel more special.

    • Couldn't agree more. Females have a serious problem with team work. Although i am not generalising.

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    • wait until one of the girls shows up looking like Miss. Universe. Then you'll see how quickly the far left feminists will change their amicability. and this regardless of whether or not the girl is more accomplished than most of them. we're very good at being snobbish and judging people based on appearance. you can't be ugly or fat, you have to be thin, but not too thin, and you have to be beautiful, but not too beautiful, and definitely not better than the boss, goodness.

    • Honestly the boss is pretty basic. Lots of the girl employees look much more attractive than her. But she's the hardest worker of all of us. And she's the best at what she does: get customers and keep them. But most of the customers never see her.

      We have uniforms and you're not allowed to wear excessive makeup, or nail polish or eyelashes or jewelry because it could come off in the food. So just to be working girls can't doll themselves up that much.

      And the ones who don't need to to be supermodels usually end up quitting on their own because honestly they tend to think waiting and cooking is below them..
      But the feminists do get annoyed when a girl has a definitively "girly" or "pretty" voice or tactic. They don't seem to think girls should be girly.. which is screwed in my opinion.

  • Honestly yes, in petty ways.
    When I was like 9 years old I wanted to be a baseball pitcher (why, I don't know. I wasn't athletic). Everyone told me I couldn't play because I was a girl, but that I could play softball. Do softball players go to the World Series? Uh-uh.
    I could give you more stupid examples. Nothing major, but just trivial


Most Helpful Guys

  • Kinda. I wanted to work with kids for a while, and most answer I had were that it wasn't a job for a man, that I was probably gay or a pedo.
    Don't know if that counts.

    • It's bullshit that all men are automatically looked at as pedophiles and rapists.

      We can play this game, too. All women are liars and whores.

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    • @Prankster13: That's good. But i dunno, i feel like a lot of guys already treat women as such. maybe not you, but there's a great number that do.

    • @DianaWest ya this is not one-sided at all. Your right.

      But that doesn't devaluate either. And they are not caused by each other. They are independent issues that need to change. Each caused by something different.

  • Of course i have, everyone has at some point in their lives. Sexist people do exist


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What Girls Said 61

  • Yes, though I think may race has impacted me in a much more negative way.

    • Same! One time I was walking down the street and these guys were staring and stopped hammering some stuff on the house and this white chick came out and asked the guys "what are you two looking at?" And the guys were like " nothing". She then looked at me and said " Eww she's mexican! why are you staring at her?" the guys said " No she's not! She looks American to me! " I was about to go up to her and be like " I'm actually mixed latina but born and raised in The U. S " But I just decided to pretend I didn't hear that. Can't believe there are still racist jealous women out there lol

  • Yes and here are examples.

    My partner and I both work full time, we both work from home, we both help clients. We are both qualified, experienced, well known in our field.

    When people ring my partner about work they always ring during normal hours. They know that if they ring outside that time the office is closed. When people ring me they ring at midnight, Sunday etc and many of them get annoyed if I have the answer phone on. They assume I am so desperate for any interest in my work I am jumping through hoops to get up at 2 am to take a call. Then when I speak to them they talk as if the answer phone must have been on because i was out, otherwise I would spend the whole of Sunday dealing with queries.

    When people talk to my partner about hiring him they ask him when he can fit them in. When people email me about work they think they can dictate to me that they are coming over later today.

    When people talk to my partner they understand he owns his own business, employs staff, hires and fires people, earns a good wage.
    When people talk to me they assume that I only employ one or two people at the most and do some sort of boring badly paid work.
    When people come to my house - which I worked hard to pay for -
    they assume my partner paid for it, or I had some sort of rich ex husband who paid for it. Some have even assumed that I am only a lodger here renting a room.

    When I talk to other women they tell me I am lucky that I have a man, and that he has a job. Really? How is that down to luck? He is with me because we are compatible and he likes me and because we both work very hard and both do well. Not charity. None of these women has ever had a responsible job or worked hard, so in their case it would be luck.

    When we both go to a function, dinner or meeting and start chatting to people who do not really know us, just that we are together and both work, the people always assume he is busy, work comes first and his time is valuable. Yet assume that I have nothing better to do with my time than housework or babysitting for people.

  • I guess I have experienced, but not to a full extreme. I have never had a man full out say you're worthless cause you're a woman etc.

    I mostly experienced it here on this site, I notice that a lot of men on this site kind come together and kinda push back against women and automatically assume you must be a feminist, gold digger, etc if you don't 100% agree with everything they say.

    They will simple come together and just thumb down your post for the sake of thumbing it down cause they think you don't know what your're saying cause you're just another typically woman that hates men, doesn't know what she's saying.

    And I have seen that type of behavior on her, on youtube, etc. I mostly seen this kind of behavior from mgtows as well, there's a lot of sexist undertones in from that group which is why i just think they are the male version of crazy feminist.

    For example there was a post on here that said women do experience violent or rude behavior from some men that they reject. And what I noticed is that a lot of men were thumbing down the post even if their was proof given to them that, that sort of thing does happen.

    But a lot of them choose to ignore it cause they just felt like it was another attack on men or mandom. And it's like no it wasn't an attack, it was simply showing you that it's true that women do express backlash from some men when they are rejected.

    But anyway I don't hate men, never have and never will. I think men are extremely important and I do think we need to lift them up more and recognize that their are men who need emotional, mental, and spiritual help out there cause a lot of men, especially the younger ones are so broken as people.

    • I see what you mean.
      But also. As having kind of thumbed down several posts in this light. I don't do it because she's a woman. I do it becaus of what she says. I've thumbed men down for saying stuff I disagree with. It just happens a lot more women do this than men from my perspective. Also women's comments are usually nearer the top and I'm kind of lazy. But ya..
      Just thought I'd clarify. Most of the time it's probably because they assume you're a feminist or a gold digger based on what you said. True. But not necessarily because you're a woman do they make those assumptions. It's because of how they interpret what you say. And honestly there are some just out trolling. I really don't think it's sexist most of the time. Though It can come across that way.

    • Yes. I once posted that I would never date a man who has not got a good job and income. Some silly man said that makes me a gold digger. Even though I would be earning as much or more than him. The silly man assumed that I was unemployed or on a low income expecting to benefit from it.

    • @bethshepherd huh. That is silly.

  • I had a guy that I went to high school with who tried to force me to date him because he’s the man and he “gets what he wants”.

    Also when I played Counter Strike online, I was always told “go back to the kitchen” just because I am a girl. I quit playing that game online and just battled the game’s AI bots.

    • Mission successful. Get out of our male spaces. When we want to put up with you in the hopes of getting sex, we'll find you.

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    • Your sweet

    • BeMeanToGirls caues i can't get one

  • I have been told I can't build or rough house because I'm a girl even in 2018 I have had men get in my face and say " a girl should keep thair mouth shut now go fix me a sandwich like a good girl" I have also seen men be told they can't sew or like flowers or art or some movies because he's male.

    • Wait a guy said that to you seriously? Like it wasn't just a bad joke? He was serious? That's so stupid.

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    • Oh okay. I misread.

    • Yeah just a little bit 🙂

  • I grew up in a very sexist and dysfunctional household. My foster parents didn't allow us girls to eat meat on our sandwiches because we were girls and the boys needed it more.
    So my breakfast growing up was one mug of coffee, 6 sugar bits, a piece of bread with butter. From age 7 until 16.

    I was also 15 when I ate another part than one wing of a chicken. Me and my sister got served one wing each because the boys were having the good meat for growing and being boys. "Girls don't need meat".

    • That's F'ck up. I had the normal things like my brother was to never cook or clean because men don't do those things. But he had to do yard work that I didn't have to do because it was a man's job. But what happened to you was straight up abusive and extreme.

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    • @Prankster13. It's mentally abusive to make one kid feel they are less important. So yes. It's abusive.

    • @PinkMichae Oh. Mentally... ya that's probably right. I guess.

  • A male colleague was watching me doing an experiment while we were chatting, then things led to each other, and finally he said: no one will ever respect you here because you are a woman.
    What prevented me from confronting him was that we were in the lab and I was carrying an acidic solution.

    • Wait was that like a warning because he felt sorry for you or was worried you'd face that?
      Or was it like a threat that he would be part of it?

    • @Prankster13
      He was like warning me, but was also stresing on
      each word slowly which I felt that there was something behind. This gay was known between the colleagues that he always has hidden agendas, so he might wanted to insult me but looks a caring friend because he needs me to finish our joint project.

    • Hm.. bad. I don't like him. I hate hidden agendes.

  • Well yeah... happens to everyone at least once I'd imagine.
    Things like: 'You're a woman, you have no idea what you're talking about." - when it comes to:

    -repairing things in general around the house
    -buying anything but groceries (yeah...)
    -haggling, etc...

    Just typical sexist stuff...

    • I didn't think this happens so often. It's 2018. Isn't that just a few people who think like that now?

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    • @lotv56 Doubt that. I admit, I know a few guys with tendencies like this, though I can't be sure about them, because they don't do it to me. A large part of it is insecurity, and trying to establish their dominance by emphasizing their own importance. Kind of a pathetic move, but perfectly understandable from his perspective.

      All I can say is - don't hang out with toxic people.

  • Ummm I work in a mostly male dominated career. I am regularly tested in ways that men don’t get tested, particularly by men that haven’t worked with me before.

    I have also had men that work with me stick up for me in ways that they wouldn’t do for other men and I consider this to be a compliment not condescension.

    Do I feel I am treated precisely fairly? No. Do I think it is a big deal? No.

    Because I am aware and because they are not I use it to my advantage.

    • What do you mean by "test you"?

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    • most of the time it isn’t malicious. I’d say like 95% of the time. Once you assert yourself and prove what you bring to the party then they usually get past it pretty fast. But it is definitely different treatment than my male colleagues get.

    • True. That's unfortunate.

  • Life’s not fair. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle or that I found upsetting. It often worked in my favor and when it didn’t I didn’t let it get to me. I don’t think sexism is a big issue today. As long as women are equal under the law society can do as it will. I don’t care.

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What Guys Said 79

  • Not me

  • I don't talk about sexism much because I don't want to play the victim role. However, when I was a body builder in college a girl avoided me a lot. I said hello and was friendly to her each time I saw her, but I finally got her to open up. She said she was afraid of me because I was so big and muscular and "thought you'd eat me for breakfast". It didn't help I have a resting mean face. I was pretty shocked. :(

    • Lol... she was an idiot

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    • Wow I never thought about that.
      Although it sounds like it could have been more your size than just your sex. Still. That is bad I guess.

    • Well I don't know what's wrong with those girls. my ex was a body builder and was tall and I'm a tiny girl he could literally use me as a weight to lift lol... and I really liked it. he couldn't cook at all by the way and it made me crazy when he said well I'm a man. Men don't need to know how to cook. I have you and you can cook ! These kind of sexist thoughts in his mind was one of the reasons we broke up.

  • Yes I have been treated unfairly because of sexism and I have also thought sexist thoughts but I don't really recall actually treating anyone unfairly in the form of being sexist. What I will tell you is completely serious and I'm not joking or anything even if some people might think I am because I guess I'm pretty weird

    OK this is what happened: Every school I've ever been too besides pre school and home school, they made me and all the other male students cut our hair short. I've always thought long hair was super cool and I desperately wanted to grow it. My hair is long now but it could have been long a lot sooner if it wasn't for those EVIL PRICK BASTARDS/BASTARDESSES. That's how I was treated unfairly.

    Now for the sexist thoughts I used to think: I've always thought that only men could be sluts and not women. I know, It's the opposite for most people, and when I first noticed that other people actually thought the exact opposite, I was super shocked and surprised and I still am to this day. Back then I didn't know they had names for it like "slut". I was a child. The reason I thought that way was because when women did it, I just thought it was sexy and figured it must then not be a bad thing for women to be sluts. But with men, I've always felt that type of way that men who kiss women and make out and have sex and walk around naked too much and stuff are disgusting sluts. Now that I'm older, I think both men and women are equally capable of being disgusting sluts but I don't think being naked is bad anymore. I now think it's empowering to anyone who does it for the right reasons like nudists

  • I've been outright denied jobs and promotions because I was a man. And openly laughed at because as a man there was nothing I could do about it as it is socially unacceptable for a man to complain about discrimination or harassment.

    • That sucks.

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    • Yeah, exactly.

    • I hope you reported that.

  • When I was in junior high, i had a science teacher who only let girls go to the restroom but not the boys so I thought that wasn't right for him to do something like that, that's when I made this remark in the classroom by saying "he should of been born a girl instead of boy", I didn't realize I said it loud enough for him to hear me, the guy sent me out in the haul for saying that but i have no regrets for speaking my mind

  • yes and no, but more often i am treated more fairly/better than unfairly. since i was a kid, i've always been told by a lot of people that i have a good looking face, a cutie, and i look like a honest person because of my facial features. i'm not try to brag or anything, just telling my experiences. when i hang out or go to places with my male friends, people would come to me for things like directions, time, and questions while completely ignoring my friends, sometimes shoving them out the way by squeezing in between me and my friends. when we're buying things at stores we're shopping at, mostly the females and a few gay employees working there would often times give me lots of smiles, freebies, and samples. for this same reason, my ex gfs would often ask me to go to beauty and makeup stores like sephora for them and bring them back free stuff. but the moment my friend tries to ask a question or join the conversation, their facial expression and attitude changes to the opposite when responding them, and it could be sometimes similar to what i just said but their tone of voice is the opposite. i also feel it's is also very easy for me to get into retail jobs, too. there were times me and my friends applied to the same job for work but often times i would get hired even though i didn't put in as much work experience in my resume and my friends put down more experience on their resume.

    on the contrary, i sometimes feel like some guys i met only wants be friends with me only to use me for attracting the opposite sex. because when i tell them "i don't want to", they tend to slowly stop communicating or wanting to hang out with me after a while. so a lot of times i feel that it's hard for me to find real male friends to be bros with.

    there are also times my friends would bring their girlfriend and their girlfriend would check me out. my friends would get upset it causes problems and drama for them, i have lost some friends because of this.

    with my ex gfs, it really depends on their personality. more often they enjoy watching other girls checking me out and make fun of them later. the few of them who gets easily jealous would be a nightmare, i would always be accused of checking out girls out, or cheating even when i'm not.

  • Yeah its called being a guy and taking care of kids. Your constantly getting nasty looks from parents especially when your out on the play ground with a sweatshirt on and they don't look at you even a little to see our work shirts or badges.

    • It's the mothers giving the nasty looks , as they are often conditioned to believe men are all pedo sex predators / rapists.. same as my own post !! My daughter told off a woman that was rude / nasty to me for no reason.

    • Sweet I hope you brought her icecream after :)

  • Only when it came time for divorce court. I was even told I won't get what I want because men rarely do.

    • Just cause they're men? That sucks.

    • Yeah and that was the words from the judge. He said the system is set up to favor women and always has been. It was really the only time where I thought 'well it sucks to be a man.'

  • I'm a straight white conservative male, the most hated demographic in the US right now haha. It's just the way it is though, I'm sure it'll pass over time. I just try to be as peaceful and loving as i can

  • I used to work at the college bookstore and the manager would always ask me to lift the heavy boxes and containers, even though other women worked with me and were capable of lifting them. The manager (was a woman) was advised to stop singling me out by a co-worker.

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