Conservatives vs. Liberals: Right vs. wrong or honest and reasonable differences of opinions?

Will we EVER move beyond calling each other names?
Will we EVER move beyond calling each other names?
I am a conservative and I believe in the Second Amendment. I also support many environmental issues. I like Rush Limbaugh but dislike Sean Hannity. I respect Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman, but I think Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are idiots. I like Ted Cruz and Trey Gowdy but dislike Mitch McConnell and John McCain. All conservatives are not alike and the same is true of liberals.

In our current political climate, there is a pervasive attitude that "we are right and they are wrong." That, of course, does not help to bridge any gaps or heal any wounds. I dated a liberal woman for two years and never thought that she was stupid for being liberal. I thought that she simply had different ideas about the role of government in our lives. I disagreed with those choices, obviously, but I can't say they they are wrong.

How do you feel about the political opposition? Are they idiots or are they people who have simply made different choices about the role of government in our lives?
  • I am a Conservative and Liberals are simply WRONG!!!
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  • I am a Liberal and Conservatives are simply WRONG!!!
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  • I am a Conservative but I believe that political beliefs are matters of opinion and reasonable people can have different opinions
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  • I am a Liberal but I believe that political beliefs are matters of opinion and reasonable people can have different opinions
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  • To answer your question: I voted D. There is no right or wrong to me, and I find that mentality extremely divisive and ignorant. In my opinion, political views are shaped by our experiences, upbringing, level and quality of education, our religion or lack thereof, where we live, our careers, and so many other things. That's why I believe there are only honest and reasonable differences of opinion, to use your terminology.

    I may not agree with conservative people on many things, but I realize that there's a reason they hold those opinions. I can only hope that they come to the same realization. It's hard to determine that as politics in general evokes such strong emotions in people – precisely because our views are a product of our lived experiences and our personal moral compass.

    I rarely, RARELY ever engage in political discussion on this site, simply because I'd rather avoid the drama that always ensues in comments under my posts (I've been called a "libtard" here far too many times and I'd rather not stoke the fire, so I stay away). However, this question piqued my interest and I've been drawn out of my shell, mostly because YOU are asking the question. You're one of the few polite people here when it comes to political discussion. I'm a liberal in the simplest sense of the term, but a Canadian liberal and Canada is far more left-leaning than the US.

    • I appreciate your kind words!

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    • You know, I was thinking about this particular question again earlier today. It could also be applied to the endless debates surrounding other opposing philosophies and beliefs, mostly in terms of religion and spirituality. For example, religious vs non-religious, atheism/agnosticism vs theism, Catholicism vs Protestantism vs Orthodoxy, etc. Regarding those, I also believe that there is no right vs wrong.

    • That is an important lesson to learn!

  • There are good folks on both sodes. There are idiots on both sides. A lot of us want some of the same things, we just have different ideas on how to get there.


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  • None of the above.

    Americans are more confused than most.

    Generally what seems to happen is that people pick a side based on which one seems to fit them better than the other one based values they have heard other people assigning to a particular side.

    Then what they do having picked a side is they believe that whatever they think is what the side they picked thinks.

    You have done this yourself.

    The 2nd amendment is the right to bear arms. It is an objective fact that this is a liberal position. You and others assign it to the conservatives because you want to, you just decided to do that, but it isn't true.

    The left right scale is an extremely poor measurement because you cannot define every political position properly.

    The minimum axis is 2 axis, as in:

    When you try to use a single axis authoritarian and captialist share the right side and anarcism and communism share the left side.

    Conservative is right wing.

    Liberal is left wing.

    An authoritarian state wants gun control because it increases its power hold over the people.
    The liberal positon is trying to minimise state power and control and promote freedom and personal choice.

    Therefore 2nd amendment is a Liberal position. As is anything which includes choice, such as the pro abortion position.

    This is also why its hilarious to watch Americans bashing liberals and then screaming Woooo! land of the free! Because they dont understand that the freedom loving parts of the constitution are liberals positions. Pretty much all of the good stuff belongs to the liberal position.

    • Enviornmental issues are all liberal positions as well, the conservative or capialist position is pro big business doing whatever it wants to make a buck.

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    • The Constitution initially protected economic freedom by protecting contracts through the Contract Clause. Also, the Privileges and Immunities Clause protects pursuit of work (if properly interpreted). As for taxation, no the Constitution did not initially guarantee low taxes. However, I would argue that is because the Founding Fathers had structured the Constitution in a way that would keep the role of the federal government limited enough that high taxes wouldn't be needed in order to fund it. It was only through misinterpretation and in some cases blatant disregard for the Constitution that the powers of the federal government were expanded so greatly. Even worse, the power to tax for the purposes of redistribution was and is not granted to the federal government by any of the 18 enumerated powers. It wasn't until the 16th amendment that the Constitution was manipulated to allow for wealth redistribution of any kind, which need I remind you was not originally a part of the Const.

    • @ShortCircuit So you are just going to run off and cry to mommy?

      Suit yourself, welcome to ignore.

      There is literally no point trying to talk to you anyway because you refuse to listen, dont understand even when you do and then deliberately talk about something else because you know you are are wrong.

  • I'm guilty of my fair share of name calling, but at the end of the day I don't really hate anybody for their political beliefs. I do rail against factually incorrect information when the topic of debate isn't subjective, though.

    For example, if you think some of our problems are better solved through a market based approach rather than government programs, then that's a totally valid viewpoint - one that I'm on the fence about myself. But if you tell me something I can disprove by spending 5 minutes on a government website and then continue to argue about it regardless... then we have a problem.

    This happens with both Conservatives and Liberals. The other day one of my friends said something about how Justice Kennedy's son gave Donald Trump a loan of a billion dollars and that's why he stepped down when he did. That's blatantly false, and I told him so. Now, I think Trump is an incompetent clown but wrong is wrong.

    So, I do often think people are idiots and those people are often Conservatives but I'm under no illusion there aren't a lot of Liberal idiots out there, too. I guess I'm anti-willful ignorance rather than being against one political ideology vs another.

    • "I'm guilty of my fair share of name calling," I respect your willingness to acknowledge faults in yourself. If only all of us could do that!

    • I try to live by logic and rationality as much as possible, but I do have a bad habit of making assumptions. And once you've made an assumption then you can make more and it all goes down hill after that.

    • I don't know why Kennedy stepped down, probably just to make a space on the bench for a Republican president to fill.

      Justin Kennedy did work on one Trump loan of $650m, though.

      "In 2005, Deutsche Bank and others loaned the future president $640 million to build the Trump International Hotel and Tower, which is now the second-tallest building in Chicago. This appears to be the only Deutsche Bank loan to Trump that involved the younger Kennedy.

      Justin Kennedy through a spokesman declined to comment. Two people familiar with his thinking, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said this was the only Trump loan he worked on during his time at Deutsche Bank. Justin Kennedy does know Trump and knows the president’s children socially, the two people said."

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What Girls Said 17

  • I hate labels. I especially hate political labels. I feel like a lot of people don't fall under one umbrella, but are kinda forced to go under one because of the labels. It's just more divide and conquer tactics. For the purpose of this question, I voted D. A lot of my views lean towards the left. Notice I said a lot, not all. I'm always open to discussions and hearing what someone else has to say even if their views are different from mine. I'm a firm believer in being able to agree to disagree.

    The problem today is that people have already made up their minds about those that have opposing views. They've already pegged them as somebody not worth their time, as lesser than, and so they remain closeminded. That behavior from both "sides" gets us nowhere and why the political environment is as toxic as it is.

    • @Charismatic110- I agree - mostly. True, both sides are deep in their own corners, but right now it seems the left is throwing more bombs- and making more noise- screeching in fact. Stalking conservatives and their families and harassing them when they see them in public-stopping speech they disagree with like on college campuses- that’s all being done by the left. So it’s not really equally “both sides”...

    • jimmijo1954 you are doing the exact same thing CHARismatic110 said. You're like "the left the left the left" and take it for granted that "the left" are doing those bad bad things and you are better than them. But doesn't this somehow prove that what CHARismatic10 said actually fits "the right" more? You can't just agree with someone and do exactly what the person just complained about.

  • The middle 80% of the country are generally fairly reasonable.

    The 10% on either end are frickin idiots that often verge into morally debatable territory or clearly morally wrong.

  • As an outsider (Canadian) observing America, it seems as if those of you who really take each side to the extreme get the most attention/press. I think the whole ideology of "who's side are you on" is very prevalent in America and serves as a distraction from the bigger and more important issues in the world. There really is something to be said about taking what you like from all kinds of government and living in the grey area between the black and white extremes.

  • If you're talking about the people themselves, I have no issues with either unless they help facilitate the erosion of rights.

    If you're talking about the actual ideologies themselves, I think both are wrong.

  • I notice a lot of hard core liberals and conservatives just don't care about facts instead choosing to act more like a tribe.

  • I live around mostly conservatives and I attend a church with mostly conservative leaning members. I have my vehement disagreements with them, but all in all, we share core values. From my own experience, I know it's very possible to change views or to see things from a different perspective. I don't think any side has a monopoly on openmindedness. It's really a case by case thing. So yes, there are honest differences of opinion. We all come from a certain viewpoint because of how we've seen the world operate, so it's reasonable to expect that we come to different conclusions. It's when repeated evidence to the contrary of an argument has been shown and yet persistent insistence is placed on something being one way that I start to doubt a person's ability to reason and be truthful. That's when people are either right and wrong.

    • my mom sister and dad are Democrats

      and I'm a republican

      we're kind of outnumbered in my state

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    • @JellyDonutguy96 This question is about conservative vs. liberal, not Republicans vs Democrats. You keep stating you're Republican to balance the scales or because your family members are. I'm calling you out on your reasoning. The fact that you had to call a whole group of people lying POS is just very telling what kind of a person you are, and not an indication of your political leanings, let alone your ability to make fact based conclusions.

    • liberal and democrat are the same thing

  • Ideas are either right or wrong. Some things work and some things make things worse.

  • I am neither I can see both right and wrong reasoning on both sides. To say one is wrong completely is ridiculously in my opinion

  • I'm a libertarian, and I think neither is right or wrong. It just depends on the beliefs you grew up with as a kid.

  • I am a liberal but I believe that political beliefs or matters of opinion and reasonable people can have different opinions.

    • Wow that is a startling realization... A liberal who realizes that there can be other opinions!! Wooo!!! Lol

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What Guys Said 67

  • This sort of dichootomized thinking in America is in part the problem. It's portrayed as an either or game, when there's a spectrum of political views and I think that clouds our judgement. It's the reason that the "far-left" looks to anyone right of them as being fascistic right wing nazis, and the alt-right looks to anyone left of them as being cucking commies.

    The political climate in America is dominated by an appeal to identity politics. I think this is the case for two primary reasons. The first is simply that it's easier to vilify your opponent than it is to actually deal with the ideas themselves. The second is that there's a conspiratorial like fear that the other party has massive political influence and control and if we don't resort to dire tactics that we're liable to lose everything that we hold dear.

    Now the unfortunate part about this is that although the other party itself is not making us lose everything we care about we're doing it to ourselves within both parties. Far left liberals are resorting to fascistic tactics and giving up the key principles of liberalism, and the alt-right fellows are working to undo, or at the very least aren't helping, the progress we've made in race relations over the past several decades (for just one example each).

    • I think a more accurate description of how each dude views the other is that conservatives think liberals are wrong or stupid. In contrast, liberals think conservatives are absolute pure evil. Big difference there-

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    • @jimmijo1954 My bad, I got this confused with another conversation.

    • 🤔🤔🤔

  • voted D. in many cases it is just a matter of reasonable differences of opinion

  • I'm a libertarian. That means I am fiscally conservative (limited government assistance, nearly everyone being responsible for themselves and their decisions, good or bad), but also for social freedom - you can think and do what you like until you start harming someone else.

    in my opinion, the 2 US parties each have a good half and a bad half - the left (ideally) wants social freedoms, but they aren't willing to take responsibility for those freedoms or for themselves - they want someone else to pay. The right is (ideally) for personal/fiscal responsibility, but not the social freedoms those things should earn.

    Arguing about which is better is pointless, because neither is right, and neither position fully takes into account human nature nor builds in any strong motivation to be moral. Decades of moral relativism has caused most people to struggle to even understand what is really going on - they're too caught up in "which party is more wrong" instead of trying to figure out what is actually RIGHT.

  • There are idiots on both sides. But on the Left side, there are only that kind... I'm used to joke by saying that a reasonable Liberal is like a dodo bird: there were some in the past, but they were extinct for a long time ago.

    And it's true, it's almost impossible to find a Liberal who is consistent with his or her principles, the vast majority of them are full of double standards, hate and resentment. They cry out in pain as they strike you. If there are non-extremist Liberals, they are complacent to the extremist ones. They are repulsive even for people who share some ideas with them, I myself am skeptical of capitalism (it doesn't mean I support socialism neither), I'm pro-environment and so, but I can't stand for them because they don't see me as a human being, but as an oppressor.

    That said, and taking into account that they don't see me as a human being because of my skin color (white), sex/gender (man) and political affiliation (conservative), why should I respect them and fight for their supposedly "right" to attack me? No matter how nice and respectful we are to them, they will always label us as the "sexist", "racist", "outdated" and "homophobes" who "want to oppress and kill the poors and minorities".

    No deal with libs. No mercy to the Left, I want to expose and put them under siege.

  • I don't like any of these options much but went with the last one. As a voter I am neither liberal nor conservative, such labels are for campaigners, putting those labels on voters is just a way of creating political feuds when you realize which political party someone is cheering for (using that to purposely compare it to people fighting over who's sports team is the best, as that's what politics has devolved into). Further I don't see myself as either party, to agree with a party as a whole would be a mistake. Parties change, when a party doesn't fit your voting standards, change who you vote for. The only people who win when the voters dedicate themselves to voting for one party, is the party they vote for, as they have a loyal voter who is very unlikely to be swayed away. That said my political beliefs mostly swing towards the liberal side, with some conservative tendencies. I just read the description, feel a little dumb now for berating you on political polarization. You brought up the second amendment, just to touch on it, I don't agree with the second amendment, I disagree with the first phrase of it and think no militia is required for security. That said, I do support the idea that guns should be available on the market, an outright ban would just make underground markets easier. Setting restrictions on the sales doesn't necessarily do the same (can if regulations are harsh enough), honestly I quite like the system we have here in Canada (except the banned guns like the ar15, and especially the ar15 as I feel like banning it specifically will create a bit of an underground market due to the high demand for it). Not supporting environmental issues is just dumb or selfish, as you either don't care about the current state of something supporting your existence, or you assume you'll be dead before there is an issue. I don't know most of those people very well so I won't comment.

    • As for the "political opposition" since I'm mostly liberal leaning, the conservatives; I see most of them just as politicians who will lie to your face about things, like any. For example, Kellyanne Conway, and if you want more info for what I mean, I just suggest you go watch a video on youtube made by "counter arguments" simply labelled with her name.

      My opinion of Donald Trump is very low, sometimes I can't tell if he's dull or if he acts dull to confuse. He can run his mouth at 50km/h for half an hour and only say one meaningful sentence. Initially I had high hopes though.
      Mitch McConnell is a spineless coward who is hilarious to watch, just like Sean Spicer.

    • Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasn't a great replacement but at least she doesn't avoid her job directly by hiding behind trees, she just avoids her job by not actually saying anything worthwhile to the press, instead she makes shit up and rambles and talks over reporters to avoid questions, to back this up:
      I'd probably ignore the allegations about Mike Pence supporting conversion therapy if I knew more about him, but I honestly dont.

      For "conservative" voters, it tends to be based off what they say, but I usually assume that people are intelligent good until I have reason otherwise.
      As for conservative politicians in general, I tend to be critical of things they do and say but I tend to be that way towards all politicians. I am hypocritical as I tend to see republican politicians as more greedy and money focused. I also have an issue with relating conservatism to christianity, which is a problem because I despise religion.

  • That depends on your definitions of liberals and conservatives. The traditional definitions of liberalism and conservatism are purely economic: liberalism being the political ideology that is skeptical of the free market's ability to provide goods and services and thus advocates an active government that regulates businesses and subsidizes certain corporations that it deems necessities, and conservatism being the political ideology that trusts competition as a viable mechanism of free market capitalism that prevents the formation of monopolies, incentivizes production, and benefits consumers, and thus advocates limited government that doesn't interfere with the economy and only provides the most basic necessities that the private sector cannot produce.

    According to those definitions, neither ideology is right nor wrong, good nor evil, just differing hypotheses.

    However, in modern times, liberalism has merged with progressivism, making wealth redistribution and free speech limitations integral to liberal ideology. I truly believe that anyone who supports either of those two ideas are either ignorant of or apathetic to the implications of such policies being instituted. The former is still harmful, but forgivable. The latter is what I would consider evil.

    • @Guffrus
      I literally just explicitly answered your question by directly citing the Constitution--which you initially brought up...

      I think we're done here. Clearly you have nothing else to offer this discourse.

      How tasteful of you to hurl insults with no substance and block me before I got a chance to respond, just to attempt to characterize me as a coward.

  • I'm liberal and I generally can view conservative beliefs from an open minded perspective. Admittedly, there are some conservative standpoints that I truly don't understand and dislike (not saying what they are to avoid arguments), but I also think that compromise is the most important thing for the left and right to work on.

    • Ask me anything and I'll explain.

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    • Who did the studies and what was their agenda?

    • They're just psychologists trying to determine if kids who grow up in LGBTQ families are different from normal families - which they aren't, as I've said.

  • I think sometimes it's a matter of right and wrong but other times it legitimately is just a matter of opinion.

    Anyone who participates in FOX, MSNBC, CNN, etc, are committing crimes against the collective intelligence of the people and I think they should all be ashamed. I like some right wing commentators, mostly on Youtube, but I predominately listen to left wingers. When it comes to politics I believe most peoples opinions have been compromised by the donor class and are controlled by money in politics. Ted Cruz's wife was employed by Goldman-Sachs, Clarence Thomas's wife was a stockholder in a company that benefitted from an environmental ruling, my Democratic congressman Denny Heck is compromised by health insurance donors, the tired list goes on.

    I do really respect Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul, and though I think he's not half the man his father was Rand is someone I wouldn't dislike seeing become president either. Tulsi Gabbard really got to me when she presented the Stop Arming Terrorists Act bit that was shot down by defense contractor shills. Honestly I have no reason to dislike Gowdy either, I've seen him do a decent job grilling people in congress. Nancy Pelosi needs to resign and Waters needs to stop lowering the discourse.

    I don't believe in god or think that if there is one he is on anyones side here, and ultimately the will of the people is subverted by money every time, so it perplexes me that people are as tribal as they are when even success means having to sit down and shut up whil your values and goals are silenced. I was really optimistic about Obama and volunteered for his campaign but he turned out to be a total shill in most regards. People need to understand that nothing they do or say matters and that our masters have a 'what you say and do can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion' kind of mentality.

  • The war isn't between liberals and conservatives. It's between autocracy and freedom. I'm a freedom loving liberal, and would rather hang out with a bunch of freedom loving conservatives than a communist. And I'm certain that a lot of freedom loving conservatives would rather hang out with me than a fascist.

  • I believe firmly in the saying "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

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