Why does he keep asking me for money if he know I don't have it?

ok so me and this guy have been talking for a few months. he hit a financial hole and I was able to help him out a few times. lately he hasn't tried to see me and when he does call its to ask about some money. we've got into an argument a few times over this money. he hasn't made time to see me but he expects me to give him some money. I didn't have it yesterday, the day before or the day before that so what makes him think I have money? I didn't call him in like 3 days, he ended up calling me once again asking for money. I know he can tell I'm irritated now, I'm no longer that nice girl he used to know that would do anything for him but I'm just like wtf what is his deal? is there something I'm not getting here? so do you think acting mean towards him is gonna help? how should I approach the situation?


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  • finnacial hole ? is he under 18 too? why the hell at that age would people have finnacial worrys, don't give him money seriously tell him out straight you don't have any and if you did you couldn't afford to be giving him hand outs,you can't exspect him to stop asking unless you put him straight

    • Naw he's 21 but I've told him like a thousand times and we've gotten into an argument about it and I'm just like we've argued over it and everything so why does he keep asking me for money? I'm starting to think maybe he's mentally challenged or something

    • Lol well honestly just tell him to f*** off your not a bank machine

  • wow sound like my ex, is his name chris? lol j/k honestly get out and yeah its ok to be rude! put your foot down, tell him "look you took all my money, quit asking and quit using me I'm not you suger momma" because honestly honey that's all he wants from you and no girl should EVER be treated like that, I have been there and being nice to a guy like that gets you NO WHERE! stay strong and tell him what's what :) good luck