Girls, would you go on a second date with this guy?

Let's say you go on a date with a skinny man who's nice, friendly and talks a lot. He took you to his favorite restaurant ( red lobster) and said you can buy whatever you want and I'll pay for it. He says I bought extra money so it's okay to pig out. As you guys are eating he talks about cancer, surgeries and how he recently got accepted into a college in New England to be a medical doctor. He gives you a bar of soap that is shaped like a cupcake. He says I think you are very special so I made it all by myself. Then he asks you about buttholes and his ex boyfriend. He told you that his ex boyfriend used to finger his butt and it felt so good to him and asked you if you could finger his butthole like his boyfriend used to do. Sometimes he interpreted you while you talked.
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Girls, would you go on a second date with this guy?
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