Can someone be an INCEL but not even know it?

My brother seems to have a real hate for women yet he wants a girlfriend.
He used end all of our arguments when we were younger by punching me in the stomach knocking the wind out of me and I've found out that he did the same to his daughters when they were younger. Our mum stepping in the call her son out for hitting his daughters in such a manner lead him to blame everything else for his actions. He blamed being tiered , stressed out and also for the fact that our mum smacked him as a kid (on the bottom).
He thinks that men are greater victims of domestic violence then women and I'll never deny that men are victims to but to say that they suffer more is going a bit too far.
He's teased me about my figure and makes sexist remarks and jokes about women.
He thinks it's OK to have sex with the body of an unconscious woman because she can't say yes or no. Also if a woman is dressed in revealing clothing that she is partly to blame for being raped.
He has asked me a few times about setting him up with one of my friends 😕 but it's never going to happen.
I really think he hates women.
1 y
Okay so maybe he isn't an incel, what about a narcissist?
Can someone be an INCEL but not even know it?
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