Which of these regimes would you have least liked to have lived through, as a local to each area at the time?

I'm not asking this question to belittle the traumatic experiences that each and every one of these regimes brought about on both its own people and foreigners. I'm mostly just curious as to the general perception that people have towards each regime and the atrocities that took place under them.

For each option, imagine that you are a citizen of that country. For example, if you are considering the Nazi Germany option then you would be a German citizen but you would still be the same religion, sexuality, race that you are now (if that makes sense). So everything about you, as an individual, stays the same apart from your nationality. Similarly, for the Khmer Rouge regime, you would be a Cambodian citizen but would still have the same religion, sexuality, race etc that you have today.

So out of these option, which of these would you LEAST liked to have lived through as a citizen of that country. Take into consideration the history: what happened to both citizens and non-citizens during each period, what soldiers were forced to do, and so on.

Ideally, give an explanation as to why you believe your answer is the worst one to live through (again, I know that they are all awful). The more detailed your answer, the better. For example, you might say "I chose X because Y and Z only has this instead of this". I know comparing such horrific periods is pretty brutal but again, I'm more interested in the overall perception that people have of each era.

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Khmer Rouge (Communist Party of Kampuchea) in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979
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Nazi Germany, in Germany from 1933 to 1945
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Mao Zedong's Communist China from 1949 to 1976
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The Stalin Era in Russia from 1928 to 1953
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Just in case anyone is interested as to what inspired such a horrific question. I recently had a conversation with someone on this site (who will remain nameless as they've since blocked me) who made the claim that Hitler and the Nazi party are examples of the most evil beings to ever walk this Earth and that suggesting otherwise makes you a Nazi sympathiser. As such, I'm curious as to whether or not the general G@G population agrees that no fate is worse than suffering the wrath of Nazi Germany
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Just to clarify: your poll selection should be the regime you'd LEAST like to live under, not the one you would choose to live under!
Which of these regimes would you have least liked to have lived through, as a local to each area at the time?
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