Is former State Secretary John Kerry more proof of the “Deep State”?

Kerry has a new book just out, so he is frequenting talk shows and being interviewed everywhere. He is openly talking about having frequent visits with foreign heads of state, on a “friendly basis”. In one interview he said he had spoken to Iranian officials, and said that they are “waiting out” this administration, at his (Kerry) suggestion. Is he, in effect, undermining the Trump administration? Is this what is meant by the “Deep State”?
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  • This whole Iran deal is a bunch of nonsense. The only country that gives a shit if Iran acquires nukes is Israel. Both Trump and Obozos solution to dealing with Iran is all about appeasing to Israel. Kerry is part of the deep state like Obama and soon to be Trump.

    • The question is about Kerry undermine the Trump administration and therefore confirmation of the long alleged “deep state”- not about the former nuclear agreement with Iran...

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    • Deep state is just a term for corrupt government. Don’t know why anyone dumb enough not to believe things are done behind closed doors.

    • @insomnium95- I think “deep state” is much more than just corrupt government. It refers specifically to entrenched career employees left over from the Obama administration. They are not appointed or congressional vetted positions. In the current context, many of these Obama leftovers are intentionally staying in place for the purpose of trying to undermine this administration at any opportunity. Kerry , technically doesn’t meet this definition, but is in most other ways a good example of the corrupt intent of past employees whose party just lost power to remain inside the administration to resist and undermine its agenda- which is reprehensible to most who believe in democracy.

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  • He is proof that an idiot can walk.


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