Girls, Girls In our modern day, The advantage of men is economical, while the advantage of women is societal. True or False?

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  • i dont understand the question

    • The argument is men on average make more money then women due to them taking more dangerous jobs on average. But its much easier for women to garner sympathy from the public or send angry twitter mobs at people they don't like.

  • I agree and disagree. There’s no wage gap between men and women, so the economical part isn’t necessary true. But yes, I’d agree women have more societal advantages.

    • I don't know if i should be proud of generation z's awareness or disappointed in my own generations lack of self reflection. Cause i swear most of the girls i talk to who seem to have their heads on straight aren't even of legal age yet, while the older ones seem more... self entitled.

    • I mean, my generation eats tide pods so I dunno if we have our heads on straight... But I think self-entitlement is a very common thing nowadays no matter the generation. Society has changed drastically over the past 50 years, our education system is.. questionable, and it seems that many parents were self-entitled and taught their children that they can and should have whatever they want. I really fear for our world's future population at this rate.

    • This is true, beyond the essentials anything useful i ever learned i learned on my own over the net. That said I'm a bit more optimistic, its only a matter of time before people kinda snap awake and realize that things don't always go the way you want it to... i mean you're living proof of that after all.

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