Is hating on immigrants becoming popular?

I live in Arizona and I am berely coming from visiting some family members. They told me a few weeks ago someone cracked their car front windshield and left a note saying go back to mexico, you are not welcome here. That is messed up! My uncle became a citizen in the 80's and is an example citizen.

I feel anger, frustration, and sadness. I don't know why so many people get so easily manipulated. Just because Trump is saying that Mexicans and Middle Easterns are criminals and terrorist that doesn't mean people need to believe that to be true. It really sucks, people just don't understand how it feels been looked down by society and living in fear of ICE.
Is unfortunate that those who attack are never gonna be in the receiving end of the spectrum, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it!
Is hating on immigrants becoming popular?
Is hating on immigrants becoming popular?
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