What is her problem?

My buddy broke up with his girl. I hated her but he wanted her for some reason. I hated her cause she has a psychological illness:
- When her and her last boyfriend broke up she was with a guy a week later, then back with her boyfriend, then back to the other guy. She never told her boyfriend then about the other guy
- When she and my buddy broke up within 2 days she was with someone new. She didn't even tell him. My buddy was still trying to talk to her while she was with her new guy
- Her exes were still in love with her and she had contact with them till my buddy and her had fights about them and she blocked them all for me
-She HATED this one girl who would try to talk to my buddy. And made him block her. While she had many male friends and ended up with one after she dumped my buddy over a fight.
I think she is crazy as hell but does she have a serious psychological problem>


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  • Sounds like a play girl maybe she feels empty and is using men to fill that hole in her heart 🤔

    • See that's exactly what I thought too. But he would ALWAYS tell me how she loved him so much and how she would go out of her way to make sure he felt great. But then I see how quick she moved on and that can't be real love.

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    • Its normal for you to feel this way but just know that she is not worth it she is promiscuous and you are too good for her you seem like a great guy who is loyal and respectful you shouldn't worry about somebody like that that just added negativity in your life

    • You deserve someone who cares about you, adds positivity, makes you happy. You deserved better forget about her she couldnt even do the easiest thing for you (stay loyal).

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  • Well oftentimes people fall for people that are bad for them. Sounds like a good thing that he ended it with her though, I guess. Sometimes you have to let people make stupid decisions so that they can learn. I doubt she has any psychological problems but she probably has some attractive traits, is full of herself and always craves attention. Hope this helped! Have a good one.

    • She ended it with him cause in the beginning of the relation she was talking to an ex behind his back and lied about being with him weeks before they talked

    • Wow that sounds pretty messed up. Make sure he stays away from her haha!

    • Tried telling him in the beginning but he told me that she had changed... Guess not

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