From a political perspective, how do you identify in regards to 'left' and 'right'?

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  • Center left. I'm all about minding your own damn business.


Most Helpful Guys

  • Typically left, on most issues.

    I can't seem to identify with any one ideology. Which makes it difficult to explain to people what my beliefs are in a quick manner.

    Here's a rundown of what I propose and support. Realistically speaking, as I'm technically a market socialist but will settle for a social democracy.
    1: Im a market socialist. Meaning I believe in a decentralized market system that is centered around fair and earned distribution of wealth in worker settings. No wage labor but free and voluntary associate cooperatives. But I am fine with a social democracy that keeps a capitalist system with customer, worker and environmental protections.
    2: In the current system, a living wage for those for those working at big corporations.
    3: No minimal wage for small businesses and worker cooperatives. Incentives for worker cooperatives. Stronger union laws for workers, run by workers and not crony capitalists using the workers to their advantage.
    4: Medicare for all.
    5: Free education, or at least affordable. No more affirmative action as it's not necessary.
    6: A social dividend and or U I system to replace welfare and social security.
    7: Nationalization of energy.
    8: Repeal the 14th amendment.
    9: Create an easier path to citizenship but crack down on illegal residents and undocumented immigrants. Limit how many and who can move here. Certain criteria must be implemented. I'm willing to work on what specifically the criteria is.
    10: Ban automation in the food and hospitality industry.
    11: A jobs guarantee.
    12: Subsidies for cleaner energy.
    13: Ban fracking and prevent new oil drilling plants.
    14: Low income housing and public housing bill. Transition old hotels into low income residences.
    15: Lift restrictions on many small businesses and food trucks.
    16: No bailouts to banks.
    17: Stop corporate gerrymandering of government officials. Limit campaign contributions and companies from being able to sponsor. Only individual citizens, not corporations can donate.
    18: Legalize marijuana and release most non violent offenders.
    19: Lower interest rates on loans.
    20: Steeper progressive tax for the upper class. No income tax for individuals making less than 15,000$.
    21: Implement a land value tax and repeal property taxes. Lower sales tax by 20%.
    22: Bring back net neutrality and make it an Amendment. Ensure it's safety.
    23: End the wars and funding of wars in other countries unless absolutely necessary. Scale back military funding.

    • 24: Institute a direct ballot initiative where the five biggest issues for Americans are selected by Americans and solutions to them are voted for by Americans.
      25: End the copyright chaos of the internet that limits expression. Enforce the right for people to freely use content without fear of demonization. If the individual does not claim to be the creator or originator of the content, it is protected under Free Use.
      26: National public WiFi hotspots.

    • 27: Treat guns like cars. Similar regulations and tracking.

  • Far right or as liberals say alt right. I’m a fascist politically. A clerical fascist to be precise. To be clear, I’m not a Nazi (although admittedly and unfortunately the Nazis were fascists) in fact I’m staunchly pro Israel. I am not a racist. I do not support genocide. I do not support murdering political opponents. What I do support is an authoritarian system of government with a centralized economy (3rd position economy (mix of capitalism and socialism)) that’s militaristic (although I do not support wars of aggression) and patriarchal. I support a system of government in which all within the nation share the same goals and ideals. I support a system of government that’s nationalistic and socially conservative and staunchly against degeneracy. I support a hierarchical form of government as well. I also support a government that supports Christianity and bases laws and rights off judeao Christian values and ethics (clerical fascism)

    • Although I do love the freedom we have in America I see our freedoms being used by leftists for every decadent lifestyle and being used against the best interest of America. Because of this I now support a more Authoritarian system.

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  • Conservative Right, with a sprinkle off left in some areas :)


What Guys Said 12

  • Hereabouts

  • For American/G@G standards, far left.

  • Center right or Right. I took a test but there were questions on things I didn't care about. So the result was not very accurate. It said I was center right. The right cares more about equality and that's me. Neutral and left are liberals.

  • y'all trying to put me into your little box i ain't gon let you do that shit

    im a free spirit

    • There was an option for centre (neutral) which means you don't align with left or right, or any particular parties. That's what you clearly fall under. No one was trying to put you in a box lol. But keep being a 'free spirit' and all...

    • this fool still trying to put me in his box. I ain't playing your game lmao

  • From a US perspective, I would say I'm center-right.

  • Center left, maybe center. I really don’t like the right though.

  • Right wing populism. The welfare of the people should be the supreme law.

  • Far Right

  • Right

  • Technically I am center left, but I identify more with conservatives because they care about things I feel strongly about like freedom of speech and national sovereignty.

  • Keep going farther right each time sjw's try to stop classic films and music from being played

    • Might i just say this is not the general veiw of the left.

      To give an example from my life, i love H. P. Lovecraft, but his veiws on all non-white people are horrendous by any modern standard. I also sometimes agree on some issues with philosophers (eg Kant) who were incredibly racist. I certainly think these things should be allowed to be veiwed, but warnings about the content/adaptation for children should be made, like how we do for violence and drugs etc in things like esrb ratings

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    • 4d

      The heat of fashism is "people like me should be at the top and people unlike me should be at the bottom", followed almost always by the death or ejection of the people most unlike you. When this happens the classes get narrowed, with groups that were previously "like us" are now "unlike us", thus the selfdistructiveness.

    • 2d

      That’s not correct. You have fascism incorrectly conflated with narcissism.

      Death - not always but there is significant historical precedence of fascist regimes doing that. I don’t support or condone that.

      In regards to ejecting people not like you... we all do this. We hang with people we like who tend to be more similar to us than not. What would be wrong with ejecting certain people, not based on race nor other such frivolous things but rather people who do not share the same ideology or are otherwise a burden on your society, for example illegal immigrants or say pedophiles or other pariahs?

      It depends on the ideology driving the fascism.

  • I believe in science, reason, dialogue and decorum...


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