Do you think I'm racist?

I'm racist and why/why not?

About my views:
I think everyone should get the same rights and opportunities, and that the human's rights should be respected. I do however have preferences in dating. I can find people of all phenotype attractive, but tends to get more attracted to South-Europeans, Asians, Middle-eastern and South-Americans when it comes to physical appearance. When it comes to culture I've strongly preferences for a Nordic culture and skeptical to date outside of my culture. I think cultural appropriation is okay and not racist. If people wants to dress up as a native American on a costume party, it's up to them. I also think none-blacks should be allowed to wear dreadlocks like blacks and that blacks should be allowed to straightening their hair like everyone else. I also don't see most South-Europeans as white, but a tan or brown version of Europeans.

I think people should be happy with the way they looks, but that transracial people shouldn't get the hate they gets. If someone wants to bleach or tan, it's up to them. If people can undergo cosmetic surgeries, getting tattoos, piercings and dying their hair, then they can tan or bleach if they wants to.

When it comes to immigration and refugee politics I think it should go very slowly and that no countries should take in too many of them at the same time/ too short period of time. It's not only because of resources, but many immigrants/refugees have conservative views when it comes to women's rights and aren't very democratic. None-compatible cultures makes it more difficult for both parts to adapt to each others. I'm talking of culture and traditions only in the immigration politics.

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Was called a racist by an anonymous!
Was called a racist by an anonymous!
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It's hilarious so many assumes I'm white because I'm an ethnic Norwegian. Living in Norway my entire life, having Norwegian as my mother tongue and following the Norwegian culture don't automatically make me white. International adoption and biracial relationships are a thing. I'm the first mentioned. Not every Norwegians are white.
Do you think I'm racist?
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