Does anyone have any faith in terms of dating in this generation?

I really don't know at this point. Guys my age were way better a few years ago, but now it seems like guys just want sex and string you along for it instead of just coming out and saying it or finding someone who wants the same thing. It seems like damn near everyone is unfaithful and not to mention I have no luck.

I have guys that check me out but I think I look too young. One guy I've been talking to showed signs of genuinely liking me but he's proving to be trash now. I believe his friends are playing a part in that. To even get a good quality guy now, it'd have to be through work and literally teenage boys are better than guys my age.

I don't need anything long term but it'd be nice to at least have someone to hang out with, that doesn't want to just use me at least not without me benefiting from it too.
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  • See there are guys out there like myself who want a genuine relationship and I'm dealing with the same thing just on the flip side I'm a dude and it seems as if girls string me along for time I wish people just in general would b more strait up to the point with what they want but I believe that not to many people know what they want because often times there actions dont match there words

    • Exactly. The actions and words don't line up. With the guy above, I literally mentioned something about him trying to fuck me. That was his chance to be honest, I don't have time to play games with people.

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    • Ya kinda how I'm looking at it so just kinda on to the next

    • " thank u, next" ~ Ariana Grande

      It sucks

  • " it seems like guys just want sex"
    That is because so many women are willing to just have sex.

    Feminism destroyed the advantage women had in dating.

    Used to be, guys had to invest a great deal of time, money, and emotion to get a girl into bed. Now, it could be as easy as swiping right and she will even pay for half the date.

    Some women your age are fed up with it, and have decided dating older men is the way to go. They may still only be interested in sex (especially if they are married), but at least they will take care of you.


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