Fellow Americans.. thoughts?

Conspiracy against possible emp threat to Americans.



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  • wtf solar attack? lmfao 😂😂😂 how high is this guy?

  • I have read plenty of conspiracy and doomsday theories in my time and I can tell you to calm the fuck down. Every single fucking year since the dawn of mankind we have a new “x will happen to us and we must prepare for it” and very rarely if ever do those fucking come true

    Remember the super blood moon back in 2015 that some shit was supposed to happen? Nothing

    A year after that the Hacker group Anonymous “predicted” that the stock market would co-fucking-lapse , pretty convincing video too, just like this one. Nothing fucking happend

    Inb4 “”ohhh but this time it’s real!!” No it’s not lol

  • wasn't this supposed to happen in 2000 *eyeroll*

    • Not sure. He said the government was in talks Dec 2018. My friend sent it to me so I thought I would share. Never know with trump as president what the world is gonna be like.

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