Do you think feminism has become a banner under which to push double standards that benefit women?

Do you think feminism has become a banner under which to push double standards that benefit women?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Feminism is needed, truly. However, as with many, there are extremists which make others form an opinion. I’m a feminist, yet I do agree that to a point a lot of “feminists” use a much needed stance for their own double standard benefits.

    • The first one was the best
      But after the other ones some people saw it as somethink they can use for there own benefits
      I agree with feminism but, I don't think its really needed anymore
      Like not really
      I can safely say that around me I dont see signs of acting bad to someone cuz thez are women or somethink
      Yes, we make fun of the stereotypes but females do it too
      We all. know its a joke so like
      I don't know
      I just dont see any inequality
      Sometimes I think that girls in the school aren't as limited as us but as they can do some stuff and get away we can with other

    • 7d

      With 3 thumbs down, I can safely say these men thought I was referring to Western feminists. When what I meant was feminism being needed in 3rd world countries, i’m not talking about the made up wage gap. So many are quick to judge seriously.

    • 7d

      Also what the heck, I was literally agreeing with what was said saying most feminists use it for a double standard.

Most Helpful Guy

    1st Wave: We want some privileges that men have
    2nd Wave: We want to be equal to men
    3rd Wave: We want more that men


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  • Modern feminism yes. Traditional feminism is about making sure women and men have an equal starting point and that there is no discrimination either way.

  • Old news.

  • Of course it has. Anyone with shred of honesty will agree with this.


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