Do you think this man is a homosexual?

Dustin is 19 years old. He's a homless felon living on the streets of California. Dustin often cries himself to sleep or tries thinking of his old happy life. He cuts himself to numb the pain he feels inside and sometimes sees things that aren't there. He feels really, really scared. He was robbed twice and was almost anally raped. He is trying to get a job but due to his criminal record he can't find anything. He thinks of how his teacher told him he was worthless, stupid and not good enough for anyone. Dustin wants to die, he just keeps cutting deeper into his veins to stop the emotional pain. He looked at himself in the mirror and felt embarrassed because he looked unkept. A few people told him he looked homeless. Dustin meets a homeless 18 year old girl who gets sick and can't afford to see the doctor, Dustin loves her and tries harder to get a job but still fails. A guy at Wendy's offered to give Dustin a job if Dustin sucked his d! ck Dustin and the man went into the bathroom and Dustin sucked it but did a poor job, the guy says you really suck at this. The guy gave Dustin 500 dollars and left. Dustin cried and felt disgusting.
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  • Wow, 500 for a shitty beej? My... uh... friend wants to know where this Wendy's is...
    And no, he's not gay. He's desperate. Big difference.

  • at least he didn't take it up the ass


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