Was this poor guy justified?

I can watch this all day long.


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  • That was a very clean transfer of inertia. I think it had a lot to do with the surface area of the fist. Great execution.

    But just don't hit minors that hard. They'll die. They're smol.


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  • this is disgusting. this black man off jump hates black women. i just looked at his channel and he's obsessed. he can just go find someone of another race. disgusted that i even clicked play and gave his video a view.

    even if this girl is in the wrong, you can explain that shit without all of the "ohhh, you know how i feel about black women..." talking about "dealing" with us. are you kidding? go suck ya mama. tell her black ass all of this, too.

    • lol way to prove him right

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    • not at all but I know the chaos and violence that hairhats bring... as far as the superior women go you won't see them doing stuff like that trash did

    • what the heck is a hairhat

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  • not at all. he intervened in the situation. he could've just walked away rather than intervene and then resort to violence


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