What do you all think about this? can we be racist to whites people and are white people privileged?

So first I’m going to say I’m not racist I just saw this video and it was interesting. Also I’ve never really seen black people or Hispanic be racist towards anyone. Why is that? I’ve seen white people and Asian people judge people based on colour. I’ve had mangers come up to and my boss come up to me crying saying they are sorry for judging me based on my colour and that I’m a nice and amazing person. And that they feel bad for me having to go through everyday life like this.
So why is no one racist to white people yet they have so much hate groups kkk and nazis? Yet we were the slaves but people are racist against us how does that make sense?

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Okay so a lot of people misconstrued what I said. I’m saying that black people and Mexican people face racism more on a daily basis. Me just going outside being a black man I’m getting judged. I can’t walk into a store without being watched , I get pulled over almost everyday on my way home from work just for being black. So don’t sit there and tell me white people face more or the same amount of racism as we do. You do not get judged by how you look , you get judged by the person you are.
Since people still don’t believe it maybe this will change your mind.


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  • Yes!
    I used to think that's not true but I realized it's true that we have some sort of privilege.
    The reason why most white people are unaware of this it's because they only perceive things from their own point of view.
    Of course things are going to look normal from your point of view.
    But when you try even for a minute to put yourself in a black person's shoes for example you will notice a few things that are unusual.
    Actually it's more like this: Yes, you have no real privilege, but to others who are disadvantaged every single day you are a privileged one.
    Your white privilege doesn't mean you get free stuff for being white. That's what most fail to understand.
    Your privilege means you get treated as you should, while others may face some disadvantaged because they don't look like you.
    That's what white privilege really means. It's not about handouts, money, free stuff, etc. It's about the way other people look at you, talk to you, judge you, etc.
    ~ "I'm a man on a mission; stay out of my way."

    • Exactly spot on ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿that’s what I’m trying to say but then they bring up affirmative action and shit but don’t get what they have

    • I don't blame them though. It took me a long time to understand that.
      To a normal human beings privilege means something you get for free, handouts. When you hear privilege you think of something that you can achieve w/o hard work.
      Well in this specific situation the privilege doesn't necessarily mean you get something. It's more about others not getting what they deserve because they are not like you.
      Your privilege doesn't influence your life in any positive way, but your privilege influence other people life (black&brown people) in a negative way.
      It's not your fault, but it's the obvious existence of your privilege.
      No one is saying: white people, you are bad because you have privilege! NO!
      But the most normal, healthy and brave thing to do is:
      1. ADMIT IT! make sure that others are aware of that
      And when I say fight for equality I don't mean to start riots or do crazy stuff. NO!
      Just make sure that you make as many people understand their privilege and fight against the corrupt system. That's the right thing to do!
      ~ "I'm a man on a mission; stay out of my way."

    • Trust me bro

  • White people are generally not over-privileged, but black people are generally under-privileged. By that I mean white people possess no excessive privilege to forfeit, but many black people still suffer under the remnants of institutional racial discrimination from the past (that no longer exists today).

    Income inequality is the only discrepancy between black and white populations in the U. S., and it can be attributed in full to a combination of black individuals being stranded in geographic locations with high crime, poor education, and a shortage of jobs, due to past housing discrimination, and rates of single motherhood among black families.


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  • Why is it so hard for people to admit they have privilege---and I mean anybody? This type of privilege has nothing to do with working hard, or how long you've suffered because of your background---which gets people all hot and bothered. It's not about that. I can look around my life and see advantage given to me in a lot of areas simply for being me and not my skill, talent, or intellect, or any type of work I've done. I think there are a lot of delusional people walking around that think that EVERYTHING they've ever gotten in their life is ONLY ever because it's something they worked for. There are times in life where you're picked, selected, vetted, let go because of something arbitrary and it's an assumption by people that it must always be because one worked hard to get it that they got it and a failure to even entertain the idea that that person who put you in place a,or hired you, or let you out of ticket did so simply because you are you--something they wouldn't have done for someone else.

    • Thank youuuuuuu holy fuck why can’t people see that?

    • They clearly don't want to see it. They just picture some rich person in an ivory tower looking down on everyone rather than that they could ever possibly have any advantage over others for other reasons. Privileged in any situation basically just means that you are given the advantage over others simply because you exist. Being able to attend school in a foreign country...because you're a boy and not a girl. Getting into college because you're a legacy. Getting more dates because you're far more attractive than others. I mean, you really have to break it down for some people to get a clue and even then they're convinced they've gotten nothing handed to them. Like come on!

    • My skin is white. I had the privilage of growing up with a severe mental disorder that has completely ruined my life. i had the privilage of being sectioned to a mental hospital. and apparently I have the privilage of being told what a racist piece of shit I am just bcs my skin is white

  • Yes, I think white privilege exists, and there are racists (extreme and not) in every race.

    I think we were doing good for a little while but then the political climate changed and became more charged against inclusivity.

    I live in New Orleans where the minorities far outnumber the whites, and I've been called a good number of racist slurs. there's even a whole religion that based on Africans being the true chosen children of God and whites are the Devil's children. That's why the sun burns us apparently.

    I've had people refuse to talk to me because I'm white, but they will gladly talk to my boyfriend because he's mixed and all they can see is that he's not all white.

    It's pretty fucking ridiculous to me but I've seen racism and discrimination of just about anyone you can think of (white people included) with my own two eyes.

    • That’s ridiculous and yes there are racist in every race. But white people dont get victimized and shot by the cops because of your skin colour

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    • Yeah lol it is what it is. I take things like that with a grain of salt because I know people go through worse, and they go through it daily. I get weird looks sometimes when i'm on a date (often from older white or black people) with my boyfriend but when i'm just by myself I don't have any problems.

      This website in particular has actually taught me a few new words lol. Angry people have a broad vocabulary on here.

    • Loool trust me and I know how you feel when I go out with my girlfriend I get the same looks from older people 😐

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  • yes white people have privilege. there are privileges all demographics "enjoy"

    • That’s what I’m saying but they think they don’t and the ones that apply for minorities is stuff you get in the states. We don’t get that stuff down here so most of you can only talk for
      Your country

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    • i should've specified i was talking to grega

    • Okay all good

  • Can people be racist against whites - Yes, nobody is exempt from racism.

    Does white privilege exist - No, we've already talked about this before so I won't explain my entire view again. But I don't think we're privileged as a whole.

    • Yea white people can certain racist people against them I guess. But as a whole , racism doesn’t affect your everyday life when your white. You get freedom and respect and a fair chance without even asking for it.
      Privilege is not just regarding free stuff and things like that. It can mean having the right to go outside and not worry if someone is prejudice towards you. Or if you date someone ask them is it okay if I’m black or are you parents okay with us dating. And a million other examples. You guys don’t know how it feels , to be us

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    • Not what I said at all... Black people do face racism, white people face it, Asians face it, everybody faces it. I'm not denying that people don't face racism. I'm saying white people as a whole aren't privileged. That's all, and I rest my case here.

    • Okay 👌

  • Are we talking about racism as a system or racism as in negative prejudiced behaviour? Often when people argue about this they’re using different definitions.

    As for privilege I wrote a mytake on it. My answer - in the US and probably Canada is yes though the advantage vs Asian is very small. (Most privilege white people have is money, background etc).

  • Systematic racism and privilege would have one race getting hundreds of points on SAT test, special admission into college, special programs to mentor them, corporate goals to hire them, corporate goals to promote them. Whites do not have that, nor do Asians, it is African Americans who have that... well anyone that is black including those that just arrived here.

    • Lol your going to bring up shit that only apply in your country good one. We don’t have that shit here In Canada so speak for yourself and you know why they have that? I’m sure there are no special admissions to college unless it’s a scholarship and yea I heard about the work thing. But you know why that is it was because they wouldn’t hire black people just based on skin colour that’s why

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    • I’m angry because your delusional

    • Also what racist remarks did I

  • White people have inherent privelege in majority white societies whether they want to accept that or not, but I also believe that any race can be racist and it's ignorant to deny that.

  • I've met racist black people, middle eastern people, and Indians (i guess they count as asian), but sometimes whites are more priveliged especially when they have more money.

    • Okay well obviously there are exceptions but I mean in generally. Of corse there are racist in every race and I’ve dealt with it a lot so that’s why I’m saying what I’m saying off of experience

  • The phrase "white privilege" is racist by definition.

    • Well as of right now two racists down voted my post and two non racists upvoted it. Kind of amusing if you ask me.

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    • Same to you bro , sometimes people need to read more in context than replying right away you know

    • That's very true. Especially on an emotional topic.

  • I didn't watch the video but people have made unfair judgments on white people simply because they're white. This is a story I heard about in a segment on Dr Phil about white privileged. A white woman was filmed by a black man on the street calling her "another permit patty" because he saw her on her phone and standing next to a Hispanic woman trying to manage a market stall. He posted the video, it went viral and she lost her job. But she wasn't calling the police, she was calling for resources to be brought to the Hispanic woman to help her sort out a permit, which she didn't have. That was in the white woman's job description. The black man made a judgement about her because she was white and assumed she was being racist and calling the police on a Hispanic woman. She was by definition racially profiled.

    I believe and respect that non-whites suffer from racism far more often than whites do. I know that black people serve longer and harsher sentences on average than their white counterparts for the same crimes so any white person who cries and believes that white people are the more oppressed race these days needs to actually read statistics. But I don't like that credible cases of racism, racial profiling or racial vilification where a white person is the victim are ignored or dismissed.

    People are and should be wary of anyone who cries that white people can be oppressed too as it seems those people tend to focus on their race's disadvantages while not caring just how bad it can be for them if they weren't white. They want to point out credible cases where whites were the victim of racism? fine but they need to understand that they are the least oppressed race out of all of them.

    In summary, I recognize that white people can and have been racially profiled while understanding that people of colour have suffered far more shit, like the shit that you've described that you've had to deal with, than their white counterparts.

    • But see that’s not the same. That happened because of something she did right or wrong even though it was a bad judgment call on he guy. And I think I saw that story and your not telling the full truth. I swear it was about a black girl selling lemonade and the white woman called the police on her for a noise complaint. But we get that treatment everyday for no reason. I’m saying that our fucking skin colour puts us in those situations and we can’t avoid it whereas you can. Get the difference. There are hate groups out to kill us kkk , but in America it’s okay right? If me and a white guy were to go into a store I’d get followed but he wouldn’t just because I’m black

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    • I think she was like an independent contractor so it would be normal for her to not have a uniform, she was wearing something around her neck that looked pretty workish. The man should of asked her why she was asking for permits so she could explain that IT WAS HER JOB TO DO SO. He could of asked her why she felt to need to call the police so she could say "I'm not calling the police". I feel she was racially profiled. (racial profiling: the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offence) He thought "She's white, she's racist and calling the police on a Hispanic woman over a permit"

    • "Lol wtf I was the one who gave the 80% black victims and. 20 % white victims. Go back and look"

      I didn't mean to take credit from you for that. I was just bringing it up and saying "Yeah that's the jist of what I said in my main comment"

  • Judge people by the CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER. No one has any control over their gender and race.

    • Exactly I agree but is black people get judged on a daily bases for nothing.

    • I'm sure it may happen sometimes.
      You still gotta live your life and go for your dreams, goals and what you want.
      You can't obsess over the "what if" stuff.

    • It’s not what if if I go through it all the time

  • Yes racism against whites is a thing bcs you know , being human and all that.
    No whites don't have any privilege. They work for what they have. Some white are privilaged. Like Trump's children. But so are Obama's kids.

    • Omg privilege is not only regarding money. It’s the fact you can fucking go outside and not be judged based on your skin colour. You can go in a store and not be followed. You can get pulled over and not fear for your life that’s what privilege you fucking have that we don’t it’s not always regarding money. You have the privilege of freedom which we still don’t fucking have

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    • Also back in the day north Africans were enslaving my ancestors so I guess that makes me oppressed

    • How about South Africa? Bcs it sounds like whites are about to get killed over there. so white South Africans are oppressed.

  • You don't react to as strongly when blacks are being racist towards whites or any other, because that is your group.
    Black people are not some noble victims in all this. You hate and have prejudice, same as the rest of us, it's a humane trait.
    Also, black people have hate groups; new black panters, black Israelites, Nation of Islam, Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, etc.

    Do Europeans have privilege or is it just an American thing?

    • Maybe some yes , but can you blame them we were slaves and used to get lynched by the kkk which is still out there and cops killing us every second. Not saying every black person is good , there are bad people in every race.
      Blank panthers is not a hate group lol wtf they were fighting for equal rights and treatment for us. Also I just said Mexicans face the same thing as us , so read before you write.
      Yes you all have privilege, the privilege to go anywhere and act anyway you want and still be looked at positively, going out and not worry about being judged for the colour of your skin, not being afraid getting pulled over by the cops.

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    • Europeans were enslaved aswell at one point by the Arabs. Difference is, Europeans don't play that card everytime it suits their needs.
      Africans were enslaved by other Africans and exchanged for weapons and other goods.
      Whites had the courtesy of not castrating their slaves, unlike the Arabs.

      I said NEW black panters, which is officially count as a hate group, so "read before you write".
      Crips and Bloods are also said to be descended from the original black panters.

      People judge you the way you dress more, than the color of your skin. If you sag your pants and wear an oversize hoodie, people will look you differently than if you'd wear a two piece suit for example.

    • I don’t sag my pants and I do wear suits to work still get treated the same so that’s negative.

      Just watch that since you don’t want to listen. Also Europeans are white and you can’t tell you’d have to ask. So they would still get better treatment than us.

  • Seriously I feel sorry for the way white people are treated.
    White people have small dicks. White people can't dance. White people can't fight. White people hold black people down. I CAN SAY THESE ARE ALL STEREOTYPES. When the truth a small majority fits this but we say all. That's racist. I seen white people get attacked for no reason then being white. This guy at my job is in an interracial marriage and treats his wife and me better than all the black men in my warehouse. He shows respect and will do anything for anyone in that warehouse. Yet they swear he is racist and talk shit about him all the time and the comment always have something to do with his race.. It's horrible.

    These are no different than saying black people are dumb black people are criminals. Black people don't know how to act. Again stereotypes only a small portion of us fit.
    I don't understand how we as a society has become so blind to openly attacking a race and saying we aren't being racist while doing it.

    • How did I attack a race? I said that white people have white privilege and I don’t know how people are blind to see that. Okay most of those stereotypes you said are false. People say Asian people have small dicks lol not white people. I’ve never heard anyone say white people can't fight. But yea I’ve heard the one that say white people can't dance same how they say all black people can play basketball which is not always true.

  • White privilege is an idiotic buzz word used to silence people... and I'm glad that those of us with a brain are in the majority and voted as such.

    • Used to silence people how? And white people do have privilege

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    • And you say I’m giving you stuff that support my side but didn’t you not just do the same thing? I’m telling you to even search the definition and you wouldn’t even do that in fear of being wrong.

    • Lol cussing at me really? Is that what you lefties do when you're losing an argument? I dont have time for that. The votes agree with me, end of story end of discussion.

  • Im sorry but cultural appropriation is not a thing. You are not a bad person for liking things about or to even emulate or "copy" another culture. To mock another culture or purposefully disrespect another culture, however, is wrong, but i would not call that appropriation.

    • Who’s talking about cultural appropriation?

    • they had mentioned it in the video. the topic just gets me goin a little...

  • Members of a minority being racist against the majority won't have much effect.

  • It depends on where you live. I am a light skinned Hispanic and i lived for a few years in an area with a high Hispanic, native American, and black population having previously lived in a majority white with a large but not too prevalent hispanic and Asian population and blacks few and far between. Whenever I would claim to be hispanic with such light skin (even my last name is Hispanic) I would face prejudice. It got so bad that I was threatened to be killed for being white, and the police were on the side of those threatening to kill me.

    There, whites were the minority and treated like shit, and no one had any issues with the three majority races. I am back to the area I lived before, bit the hispanic and black population is larger now. I remember from when I was young there still being the KKK (!!! In the 2000's?), and now that the population is higher of black, there is less prejudice against them, but still a lot in comparison to the other place.

  • yup it is the end of the world

  • There's no white privilege. Yes you can be racist to white people.

    • Because your to blind to see it. privilege doesn’t always have to do with money. You have the privilege to be judged by your character but not be the colour of your skin. There is no hate groups out to kill you because or your skin colour, you don’t get profiled everywhere you go and get stopped by the cops for just stepping outside your house.

    • Sure bud

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_bDc7FfItkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-NWOSOi1O4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDrwo_63UzEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmr6S9_vEy4


    Read the comments of these videos:

    A few examples of comments to the white population decreasing:
    "All Praises to The Most High.. The Devils are dying"

    "A new report shows that in 26 states, more whites are DYING than are being born. This is up from 17 states, which was just 2 years ago. Keep the needle moving. HalleluYAH!"

    "PEACE on EARTH @ LAST!"

    "I notice their decline in cities around me. Grateful!"


    "It's good news!!!"

    "So happy i can cry :("

    "Thay are not dying fast enough."


    "America is hopefully turning into South Africa As far as the whites losing power."

    "God is good!"

    "Great news"

    "Well I’m happy, I’m glad they’re dying tf out, hahahahaha!!!"

    These videos and these comments are just a few examples. I've seen many like these before. And do watch Farmlands. It's a great documentary about the actual genocide and horrible, violent murders against white people in South Africa going on right now.

    • Yea there are racist in every group

    • Also I’m fucking saying generally speaking there are more racist white people than black

  • Are you kidding? I’ve definitely seen Blacks and specifically Mexicans being racist to white people.
    I’ve never personally witnessed anyone being racist to a black person but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

    You’re probably also talking about white or Asian people who were never around other ethnicities. That’s the same way with any race. So they develop prejudice and stereotypes.

    Let me be clear. Prejudice isn’t racism. Racism isn’t discrimination. Those have different meanings.

    Have you considered that it’s not your skin but your style? Dress like a thug people will treat you like one. That’s just human nature.

    Dress like a hoe people will treat you like one.

    • Yea right you’ve never seen white people being racist to black people of it’s everywhere open your eyes. Okay say the world has 5 million black people and 2 million are racist, generally speaking that would make most of them racist right. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule. Also prejudice is racism lol wtf check the definition of racism. And discrimination is also racism check the definition.

      It is my skin colour, so what’s dressing like a thug? Many times I’m wearing a sweater and track pants because it’s cold in Canada and a jacket and a suit when I’m going to work so? Is that a thug to you and most of the time my hood is not on only when it’s cold

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    • Okay yes you may yourself may have some racism where you are and I’m not saying it doesn’t happen.

    • I’m listening to what you saying all I’m saying is that prejudice is in the definition of racism stop
      Arguing and go search it yourself

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