F to M transgender people. Perspectives on male privilege?

I wonder what others think about this video.
https://youtu.be/rQmJ44qcQlUF to M transgender people. Perspectives on male privilege?


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  • Don't have to watch the Clip to say that they will gain no privilege cause it doesn't exist.

    They will have it even Harder in Western Society as a perceived man.

    • You should watch it. Otherwise your opinion is irrelevant to my question.

  • White privilege does not exist in the USA and some other countries. It's becoming the opposite. White men are oppressed.

  • there is no male privilege and we could argue there is a thing called female privilege, because F blames M of raping F, this will be a prove you're innocent case, where if it's the other way around it's going to be a prove it happened case.
    the justice system and some other systems are biased for women.

  • Trans people generally don’t experience male privilege as there is currently a greater difference in the treatment of cis and trans people than there is in that of men and women. What privilege that gain is overshadowed by that which they lose.

    • The female to male transgenders in article the guy in the video talks about say that if they call the police now, they are seen as the problem instead of the victim, they no longer dare to call the police as a man, while they had no problems doing so as a woman. The masculinization of the female body is easier than the feminization of the male body, they article also says that. They dont lose anything because most female to male transgenders pass 100%

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    • Of course they dont, but then saying I feel discriminate does not mean that others have therefore privileges.

    • I know that. There are other ways to determine that.

  • *vomit noise*
    Oh yuck, Sargon of Akkad?

    I'll admit that some people have abused the term "male privilege" to the point that it has lost some of its credibility and usability, but it is most certainly still a real thing.

  • It makes a lot of sense what these people experience. Also interesting that females can go to males easier than males to female. I dont think female privilege exists like the guy in the video claims.

  • testosterone beats oestrogen

  • male privilege doesn't exist.

  • HAHAHAH no transgenders
    the ones who do it willing
    are fucking retards
    end of story

    GOD is above the dome


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