Living on your knees and drowning in your own vomit, or living free... You decide?

Why do most people cling to a system that, ultimately, wants them as cattle for the slaughter?


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  • People sometimes quote the poem by Martin Niemรถller:

    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist etc.

    As you probably know, he was a guy who opposed Adolf Hitler and this is where the poem comes from. People usually change the words in the poem to completely different things, issues more relevant today. Regardless of your political views, there's some truth in it.

    It's really about comfort. As mentioned before, people who live comfortably will do nothing. They'll accept any infringement upon their rights as long as they don't feel like it will ever affect them. Usually these people are short-sighted.

    For example, today we have little to no privacy, we're only given the illusion of privacy. Everything we do is tracked, on the internet and in our day to day life, increasingly. Some then will say "well if you're doing nothing wrong there's nothing to worry about". So they willingly accept this invasion of privacy - to them it's someone else's problem. Worse still is that they trust that those in power will use these things to look after them. They'll even argue that it's all necessary - until they become the targets themselves.

    As Yuri Beznemov, an ex-KGB agent, explains in this video (which ironically took place in 1984) how many pro-Soviet leftist journalists were executed. They were known as "useful idiots".

    The term "useful idiot" is a term to describe people who are propagandists for a cause whose goals they're not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders. As he explains in the video, once they're no longer useful those leaders turn on them.

    When it comes to the situation we're in now it's much the same. People put so much trust in authority that they believe everything they're told by an authority figure. I think that public school actually moulds them to think in this way, teaching them that truth comes from authority and destroying their ability to think for themselves.

    They're also taught that those who do think for themselves are paranoid nutcases. This is helped by nutcases like Alex Jones or David Icke, who talk sometimes about legitimate ideas and then throw away all of their credibility when they start to talk about how the world is run by aliens or reptilians. I think that they do this purposely to paint that image - anybody who questions the system is automatically that kind of nutcase. This makes average people throw the baby out with the bath water and assume that all that they said is wrong.

    So most people are "useful idiots" as a result of this. They'll enthusiastically cheer for things that will ultimately harm them, and they'll only realise that it's gonna harm them when it's too late for them to do anything about it.

    Many call them sheeple, but they're actually worse. A farmer needs sheepdogs to herd the sheep and to keep them in line - these people keep each other in line, similar to the monkey ladder experiment:

    One of the things about human nature, which those who control us know very well, is that we have a strong need to belong. People complain a lot about how shaming certain things is bad, but shame has always been a social tool used to keep us in line within our families, tribes, nations etc. We do this naturally.

    People today do this without really knowing why they do it, as in the experiment. They don't think deeply about any of it. They've just been influenced to think a certain way throughout their whole lives, to the point where even evidence can't sway them - and worst of all most people actually think that their ideas are their own when they really aren't. Like I said, useful idiots.

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      Aye, nothing wrong with the sentiments raised in the poem, as with most governments anyone considered to be committing "wrong think" will always be attacked.

      It fucking freightens me how screwed up people's perception of reality is when it comes to privacy invasion - just like how most people still look at you weird for saying you don't use social media, and and yet when you look around everyone's heads are glued to their little screens selling yet MORE of that very same metadata that'll be used against them when the government truly cracks down on all of us...

      As Yuri Bezmenov wanrned, most people who become brainwashed not only become useful idiots, but effectively agents of the state:

      Alex Jones is most definitely a little shill (despite his expose on the Skull and Bones society in his early years), David Icke I dont think is a shill per say, and his stuff on lizards, whilst easily thrown out as crazy in the mainstream, is actually not far from the truth. The allegorical lizard/snake is what (((they))) worship as the font of all wisdom - this ties into ancient RH negative bloodlines and a whole host of primordial forms of knowledge and wisdom... This is what Icke means when he bangs on about the lizards.

      Perhaps with the explosion of the human population worldwide in the last 200 years, thanks to mass industrial civilisation, perhaps there have been a lot of new and empty souls put into the world who have never reincarnated before...

      Perhaps it is only the "old souls" within the human genome that have the spiritual and cognitive foresight to see what's actually going on?

      PS you should really look into ancient RH negative bloodline stuff - and replies will be on there way!

  • Because government is necessary but not too much.

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      Tell me why you think it's necessary?

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      As I say, you should read ancient history more... In times without institutional governance many people's were far more stable and peaceful than we have been in the last 2000 years especially. It's the pursuit of centralisation of political power that fucks everything up.

      Note: I'm not actually advocating anarchy, nor am I saying that no blood was ever spilt before mass civilization occurred; just simply that the scale of death and misery is unprecedented under governments, particularly in the last 100 years alone.

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      Well, weapons technology has also drastically increased. When you say ancient history, what time period are you referring to?

  • um, let's see...
    my own vomit or...
    free... hmmmm
    It's like asking if you would eat a rattlesnake or a cherry pie...

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      So you have chosen to drown in your own vomit then...

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      fair enough. :)

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      Good to hear ๐Ÿ˜œ

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