My friends this scars me how do you react?

This is a 23 min. video... yes it's long but very eye-opening

  • Yes it scars me
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  • Yes it scars me and it must be stopped
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  • I don't care
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  • It's great
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  • It''s great and I support it fully
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I have check it our later. I need high speed internet to watch video. I have dial up internet

    • 4d

      Okay i was able to watch about 15 mimutes of it. Before they wanted their phone back.

      I'm like in total shock. They are out to destroy America. How do you stop that kind of evil? I'm don't even know what to say. But holy fuck shit.

    • 3d

      Yes my friend it is very disturbing...

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  • so what you are saying is political organization sought out candidates for a political position that they would support?

    yawn... that's how it works. exploratory committees work all the time to find people. the label actress is just used because it's convenient. she took the normal root. she worked as an organizer for bernie sanders and then was tapped as an up and comer. she still had to beat out a TEN TERM INCUMBENT in order to win the democratic primary

    but it is humorous how intrepid righties are of AOC. I haven't seen so much time spent smearing a person in a long time


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