How do I motivate my husband to get a job?

My husband has been out of a job for 4 months and seems completely comfortable living off of me. I am getting more & more resentful because he doesn't do much beyond watch our 3 & 5 year old while I'm at work all day (I know how hard this is but if roles were reversed a clean house & dinner would be expected.) & I get the feeling he is being lazy about looking for a new job. We are really struggling financially & cannot go on for much longer on only my salary. As a woman I definitely feel a need to provide for my family & would never make him be the sole income & sit at home while he worked. I would be trying everything I could think of to find work. I don't feel like he feels this way at all. I have tried filling out applications for him. I have tried talking to him & he shuts me out like it isn't any of my business. How do I motivate my husband to try harder & get a job?
How do I motivate my husband to get a job?
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