Coming to a school near you - what's a good SJW to do?

Muslim protesters picketing Anderton Park School
Muslim protesters picketing Anderton Park School

My, my, this is a thorny little problem for Social Justice Warriors, isn't it? No wonder they don't want to talk about it.

The background to this conundrum is that the school curriculum includes lessons about LGBT relationships.

An Islamic extremist, named Shakeel Afsar, who, it cannot be emphasised enough, does not have children attending this school, has organised a picket line, which children, parents and teachers need to walk through to access the school. He has claimed to have kept 600 children away from the school in protest yesterday.

So what do the usual suspects do? Erm, they sit on their hands and stay quiet. Much easier to be throwing milkshakes at campaigning politicians than getting involved in this, it seems? So...

The teachers and the school have been left largely unsupported.

They are afraid to take on these bullies, because the bullies are mainly Muslim, and they are afraid of being accused of Islamophobia (in a best case scenario) and well, worse things by far, in a worst case scenario.

The bien-pensants speak of 'values' without being willing to defend the very same.

Bleating about 'tolerance' and 'diversity' will just make the problem go away, because we all believe basically the same things, m'kay?

But, most importantly, really, they do not fundamentally care about the children who are being deprived of education and help and advice. These are Muslim children, you see, and somehow not worthy of being taught the same as all British children, and being expected to abide by the standards of everyone else. The left''s hypocritical racism of low expectations.
The SJWs should back the Muslim extremist led protests
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Coming to a school near you - what's a good SJW to do?
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