Norway Water Crisis, Surprised?

In a Norwegian village there's a water crisis where the water is polluted and ca. 10 000 people are affected. 2000 of them are sick, ca. 50+ in total are on the hospital and 1 or 2 people dead. Norway is considered one of world's richest country in the world and is a first world one. Some of the water systems in the village has only been tested once a month, while the quality of some of the other hasn't been tested in a year. The municipality has economic problems as well. Between 2018 and 2019 there has been ca. 3 periods with problems. You've to either buy clean water from the grocery store or boil it to avoid bacteria. Did this surprise you? #Norway #WaterCrisis #NorwayThirsting

There are more information in these articles, but they're written days ago. So many of the numbers are outdated:
How the water in the village looks like
How the water in the village looks like
Many people saw this color on the water
Many people saw this color on the water
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A new study says 60 municipality's told their residents to boil the water this year because of there has been 60 cases of polluted water cases. Ca. 100 000 people gets sick by polluted water each year in Norway, but during the last 20 years only 7 people has died.
Norway Water Crisis, Surprised?
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