Should Food And Water Be a Human Right?

Here's the definitions in this discussion:

Right = A human right or civil right is something every humans or every citizens have - and that's obligatory to give them.

Commodity = It can be bought and sold. You've to have money to buy it or earn it in a way and you don't have the right to get it for free.

Privilege = When you've an advantage, some goods etc. that others don't have because of you're for example lucky. Sometimes it's also a combination between luck and hard work.

My thoughts:
Pros: Disabled, old etc. who can't work and doesn't have a family taking care of them would be happy and it would be fairer since people doesn't choose to have a health problem making them unable to work.

There would be less differences between poor and rich.

Cons: There are people who works to make a product and resources can be expensive. So free food and water (and other welfare) means forcing someone to work for others. That wouldn't be motivating for businesses, so it would be less chance of them wanting to innovate etc.

People who are healthy, but doesn't want to work can just get things for free. That would be less motivating for the hardworking.

So it's difficult to decide if it should be a right or not.

These humans rights says nothing about food and water being human rights though:
Should Food And Water Be a Human Right?
Should Food And Water Be a Human Right?

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Should Food And Water Be a Human Right?
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