Is this cultural appropriation?

Is this cultural appropriation?
I occasionally see questions on this site about "cultural appropriation." I have not seen anyone define that term or express any limits for what is covered by the concept. Does it extend to races or cultures other than those which are predominantly black? Does it just extend to dress and matters of physical appearance like hair style? Why wouldn't it extend to food that is identified with a particular culture? Food is identified with culture as strongly as are styles of dress and hair. Lamb curry is Indian food, fettucine is clearly Italian, and Kung Pao chicken is Chinese.

If cultural appropriation is a sin, am I committing a sin if I - a self-confessed Caucasian - eat tacos, or Italian food, or Chinese food? Isn't our former Cultural Appropriater In Chief committing the sin of cultural appropriation in the above photo?
Yes, if you are not Hispanic, keep your damned hands off of the tacos! That's cultural appropriation.
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No, if you are not Hispanic, it is not cultural appropriation. Please buy the tacos! Please!
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No, it is not cultural appropriation but I don't care whether you buy the tacos!
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Is this cultural appropriation?
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