Girls, Would a Feminist be with a non-feminist man?

This is a question for feminists in particular, and I feel like such a hypocrite for asking it, but I am really attracted to feminists despite not being a feminist myself. In fact, I fall to the extreme right end of the political spectrum. Not only am I conservative, but I’ve literally devoted my college career and leisure study as an English major researching Medieval Philosophy and defending monarchy. Needless to say, I am the exact opposite of a feminist. Even so, I find feminist women very attractive because they usually have more personality and are smarter even if I completely disagree with them. I like feminists because they can engage me intellectually, have more interesting personalities, and are probably more sex positive than most other kinds of girls. Not to mention, there is sort of a mystique involved. My mother always told me that she would not allow me to marry a feminist, so naturally I really want to marry a feminist because they feel like forbidden fruit.

So yes, I acknowledge that I am a total hypocrite, but I am absolutely crazy about feminists.

Feminist women, could you ever see yourself being with an extremely traditional, non-feminist man provided that he genuinely loved and respected you?
Girls, Would a Feminist be with a non-feminist man?
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