Why do people tend to glorify pre-Columbian indigenous cultures?

Don't get me wrong. A lot of indigenous traditions are wonderful. My religion (Wicca) comes from an indigenous culture (the Celts) who were basically conquered and assimilated by the invading Romans. But a lot of indigenous peoples did horrible things to other people (mostly other indigenous cultures) without any help from or even contact with Europeans.

The Aztecs had what they called "flower wars." They would go to war with a neighboring tribe, capture as many young able-bodied warriors as they could, and sacrifice them by ripping out their still-beating hearts with an obsidian knife and offering them to the war god Huitzilopochtli. The Spanish did a lot of horrible things to the native peoples of Mexico when they invaded, but they did stamp out this particular practice quickly and efficiently.

In Rwanda in 1994, more than a million Hutus were massacred by the rival Tutsi tribe, who controlled the government of Rwanda at the time. The reason for this genocide was a blood feud between the two tribes that dated back centuries before the first Europeans arrived in Africa. The only difference contact with the Europeans made was that the Tutsis now had guns and tanks, which they could use to kill a lot more Hutus than they could in the days when all they had were spears and shields.

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Why do people tend to glorify pre-Columbian indigenous cultures?
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