Why do people have a problem with dress codes?

I don't get it. Like ok you like wearing leggings, it's completely fine, but it doesn't kill anyone to not wear leggings, shorts, off-shoulder tops or whatever at school? Like why does someone even think they have to wear it in school? Or any other place, really. Wear whatever you want outside of your school or workplace. But someone tell me why it kills to follow school dress codes or any other dress codes.

I do believe there's a problem when your school or workplace accuses you of breaking a dress code that doesn't even exist officially. For example, suppose someone wore a top showing the shoulders and they were told that they broke dress codes, when in reality the dress code in that place never said anything about it. THAT is when you call them out on it and question why they don't let the people know about it or why they caught you when you didn't break the official rules at all.

But when it does have a dress code like you can't wear anything exposing your knees and thighs, you can't just break the code and then complain 'OmG tHiS sChOoL iS sO aWfUl' they had it clearly stated, if you don't follow them properly or deliberately break it, it's on you.
Why do people have a problem with dress codes?
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