How would you confront discrimination?

So yesterday I went to a restaurant with my friends. There wasn't any other customers in the restaurant. We ordered our food. Five people that worked just stood around and stared at me as I was ordering my food. My friends and I went to go find a table. I could here them talking about me and laughing. btw: I don't know any of these people, I'm a passersby from a different town. There was also a Confederate flag waving on back of one of there trucks. Getting back to my story. I got back up to get napkins. I here someone whisper "hey you" for behind the counter. I turn around to see the same five people staring at me. They kept staring and one of them whispered something. They all started laughing. I went back to my table to tell my friends what happened. They told me "don't say anything". I didn't and I immediately regretted that decision. I gave them a one star review and left. I'm curious to know what other people would have done. I've had situations happen like this before and I feel like I should stand up for myself. Also should I listen to my friends or should I ignore their advice?
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How would you confront discrimination?
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