Mass shootings can't be fixed or cured?

It breaks my heart to say that yet again we Americans had a mass shooting on Saturday (Texas=19 dead) and Sunday (Ohio=9 dead).

Now already I see the media playing the blame game. See what I think is happening is that we humans are too comfortable these days. We don't live in times of war so many truly believe life is suppose to be perfect and equal.

Truth is in the real world death, killing and destruction is the natural outcome. Politicians first mistake is that they want a perfect solution to end all violence/sexism/racism. A more realistic action would be to reduce violence by creating a better healthy society, healthy culture and smarter people. This right here is literally all you have to do. You can have all the gun laws ya like but if your people are dumb and your society is unhealthy you'll get tons of violence.

With that said, we all must keep in mind that you can ONLY reduce violence/racism/sexism. Looking for a perfect solution to end violence, sexism and racism is a fools game. Humans aren't perfect and never were designed to be perfect thus you'll always have chaos on earth. Most of these laws we have in place only masks the issues.
Mass shootings can't be fixed or cured?
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