Why are old money upper crust people so lazy?

I mean. I know why... but when I met them in an international art school I attended in Canada was like... jee. These guys are lazy. Upper Class Brazilians and Upper Class Mexicans from Monterrey. effeminate mannerisms and terrified of poor people

Even a really posh English girl from Cheltenham Ladies College and Cayman who would NOT sacrifice yoga to complete her overdue school work.
"Only three people in my year were princesses. And they were from Malaysia where many people are royalty"

They just have these prolonged time wasting courtship processes that take months and moths. They are simultaneously promiscuous and have all these dramatic nightmare women they have affairs with and try to maintain, and they go and eat out every night of the week.

Not all of them, but even the ones that aren't like that are familiar with it.
Please! Stop wasting time! I beg you! People who waste this much time and are poor are considered losers!
Why are old money upper crust people so lazy?
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