Terrorism in Norway again, thoughts?

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Last time a terror attack happen in Norway was 22. July 2011 when the right-extremist Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people after bombing the government building and traveled to an island for political interested kids from the left-side. He was against mass immigration.

Now a new attack happen for ca. 6 hours ago in a mosque in Bærum. The police doesn't know the motives yet and the shooter's identity hasn't been revealed, but he didn't kill anyone because of he was stopped by someone. He is described as an ethnic Norwegian with light appearance and is suspected for being a right-extremist. The police is now investigating the case to find out if it was terrorism.

What do you think? I've learned Norway isn't as safe as everyone thinks it's. It's not only developed countries like England and France that experience terror attacks, but also the Scandinavian ones. It's bad such things happen. #Terrorism #Terrorist
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Wow, I didn't expect so little sympathy to most Norwegians and so much support to the terrorists. Violence is never okay. Just start a peaceful political party instead of spreading violence everywhere if you've a political opinion.
Terrorism in Norway again, thoughts?
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