How do you deal with a hypocritical boss?

Let’s say that you have a boss who claims to advocate for sensitivity and having a safe space for their employees, yet they invalidate anything that may be offensive towards others solely because it isn’t offensive to themselves.

Or if your boss tells you (in regards to another co-worker): “If it doesn’t apply, let it fly.” as advice for coping with receiving unsolicited judgmental comments. Yet if you tell others to: “Be themselves” and: “What others think about you doesn’t matter”, your boss claims that what you’re saying is “offensive” and “not a positive message”. Effectively contradicting their own advice before.

Or if they have a habit of accusing you of not doing your work BEFORE checking to see if you actually did it. Then when you show that you did your work, contrary to their accusation, they backpedal and criticize you for making mistakes in the past (say, six months ago)? How do you deal with that? Are there any psychological tactics that would be helpful?
How do you deal with a hypocritical boss?
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