Is this becoming a new trend in 2018-2019? - Police apologize to black man stopped after white woman claimed he was staring at her

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) — The Royal Oak Police Department has issued an apology to a black man who was stopped by police on Wednesday after a white woman allegedly said he was staring “suspiciously” at her.

Devin Myers is the man in the video seen on social media surrounded by four officers. Myers said he parked his car and waited for a friend when the woman called police on him as he walked to the Inn Season Cafe.

He wasn’t arrested but did say he was humiliated over the incident.

“I never would have thought racism was amongst the urban city. I have tons of white neighbors and they all like me. So, I never paid racism too much attention,” he told 7 Action News.

He even apologized to officers for the inconvenience.
Is this becoming a new trend in 2018-2019?
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