Why am I the weirdest girl?

1. I don't support body positivity or fat acceptance or any sjw agenda
2. I AGREE with Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Milo more than any left winger or AOC or the Squad
3. I don't think my gender ever really had a negative effect on me.

I mean yes, i had a good upbringing, a doctor family, a pretty decent public school (we had an NFL size football stadium, an olympic size pool and a music program that was invited to Carnegie Hall among other things) and a father that invested some money in my name when I was born. But I also had difficulties, like growing up as an immigrant, being an Asian girl in a white society that had no Asian representation, being picked on for looking like an Asian girl, being a size 6-8 which is like obese in the Asian world. All of my friends were a size 0 or 00.
Why am I the weirdest girl?
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