Can a US Government Agency be Trusted to Tell the Truth?

Is the Center for Disease Control lying when stating that women have considerably few number of lifetime sexual partners than men?
Clearly the use of the word median rather than mean is deceptive with the intent to mislead.

In a followup I may argue that they are lying.
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I don’t know what CDC’s motivation is; perhaps to promote the man bad, woman good myth. Since there are 7% more boys born, the mean number of sexual male/female partner is 7% greater for women than men. It is impossible to be otherwise. CDC uses median because they know that most people read median as average and in most cases is very close. And, because they know that every mathematician and engineer that thought about it would know they were lying.

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Of course it is not possible to know based on interviews; but logically the median is higher for women than for men. That is because for a one night stand, woman demand exceptionally attractive men. The top 20% of men fuck a lot of women and will fuck a 5. The 5 male, (the median) has very few options unless he is willing to fuck a 3 and no male wants a 3, especially if he has a 5 wife or
Can a US Government Agency be Trusted to Tell the Truth?
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