Do you think the future is a bad place or a good place?

The World is going downhill. In almost every way. I wonder what 2100 will be like but unless there is drastic change, it's gonna be a terrible place. Everyone is gonna like in crowded, overpriced cities. We're all gonna struggle to survive, working just to pay rent and to eat. Climate change will destroy a lot of places, and kill many people. Water will be running out. Everyone will be atheist, with no morals. Everyone will be mixed race so we won't have "black culture", "white culture" etc... we'll just be numbers, all of us the exact same - just slaves and robots to corporations and corrupt Governments. Technology will control everything. Cashiers will be robots, bus drivers, mechanics etc. Cars will drive themselves so no more fun in driving. No more love, marriage, having kids or anything like that. No more Christmas, Easter etc.

It's literally gonna be hell. That's why I might vote for the Republican party because to be honest they are fighting against that, and the Blue party is corrupt and wants ^ that sort of lifestyle.

Rant over. Thanks for reading.
Do you think the future is a bad place or a good place?
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