Did Baby Boomers ruin the Millenials?

After the war, baby boomers enjoyed a great time in the 50s and 60s funded by their veteran parents, and great economy. Going to college, buying a car or house was on the tens of thousands, not hundreds of thousands, gas was below a dollar. This allowed them to Excell and enter positions of power in business and polotucs. At the same time many influenced tax breaks to fuel their entitlement programs (social security). Along with other measures that would ensure their millennial children will be worse off than them, such as H1B visas allowing immigrants to take citizens jobs in the 90s. Now, cars houses and education are unobtainable, student debt is preventing millenials from procreation, so now they need to heighten H1B to prop up social security since foreigners will never qualify for SS even though they pay into it. All this and boomers will tell you lies like "work harder" when they never experienced the looming doom and hardships Millenials face. They had hope, we don't.
Did Baby Boomers ruin the Millenials?
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