Girls, Do you want "nice guys"? Because this is how you get "nice guys"./?

Aren't you tired of all the "nice guys", pretending to be friends with you or trying to buy you with money or telling you what a great person you are or how they instantly fell in love with you when they saw your face, just to get into your pants? Aren't you afraid of rapists or woman killers? Well, be proud of yourself, because you likely helped create them.

For every Chad who was born with Chad genes and a good family and can have 5 women there's 4 guys who will have noone at all. They may be too shy or not quite as good looking, and they were brought up on what television and women say. And what do they say? That women hate when guys are hitting on them, that women just want a relationship and not sex, that women hate sex, that women want a loyal guy who will treat her like a princess and do anything for her and put her on a pedestal. And you are either lying or you don't know what you want.

Maybe a guy gathered all his courage and tried approaching girls, and they started toying and bitching with him. Or he was repeatedly harshly rejected or ghosted. How dare you treat men like that when you don't even have the balls to approach once? Are you at all surprised that they try to hide that they like you and make friends with you first? Or that they lack confidence?

And after years of being alone and rejected and humiliated; 30, 40 years of being a virgin, does it come to you as a surprise, that these men think women are evil? That women play and use men? That they will never find love or start a family? That they want revenge on women and to have their urges satisfied? Do you want men like that?
Girls, Do you want "nice guys"? Because this is how you get "nice guys"./?
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