Is this when people Cry!.. Should I cry?

Is this when people Cry!.. Should I cry?
So today I found out my pen pal of 2 years.. That I met on this web site doesn't has long to live.

Also my schizophrenic younger brother (minor) just ran away from Home.. Today
Cops are trying to reach him..

He is missing as off now..

How I feel
I feel really heavy..
But I am confused with me Trying so hard to suck it up and be a men.. I turned the emotions off..
I do feel like life is falling apart.

Tell me people.
Is this the time when you cry...
22 d
Thanks for your replies everyone..
But I really just couldn't summon a single tear..
I tried..
Brothers been found..
I am quite relaxed now..
Glad to see that gag is like a second family..
Blessed to have you all..
18 d
Thanks for your support everyone..
I just found out that..
The reason my brother is suffering all the pain is that he doesn't wants to loose memory of his crush or maybe his first relationship..
It's a puppy love relationship that broke in between..
I just Came across that Girls identity..
I will have a word with that girl and turn this whole world around if needed to fix this issue..
Is this when people Cry!.. Should I cry?
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