So I've been thinking of the idea of the five eyes countries USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand creating a trade pact. We all have similar opinions on a range of global matters, very strong allis (basically family) we also have the same language and all of our countries are being fleeced from the world by the way of mass immigration, corporate and industrial espionage and mass sales of land to China which don't share our opinion on many things to do with politics, human rights, democracy etc.
We have been to open and too kind to these
countries who use us and are fleecing us.

I would like to see our countries form a union of matual trade, open markets, economic freedom and semi freedom of movement but people still need pre-approval to enter another country (keep out the criminals and undesirables)
We need to get ahold of our central governments, our markets our boarders and our wealth and take our countries back. I'm sick of having to fund infrusture like, roads, schools, hospitals, the list goes on
.. for Immigrants from shit countries with corrupt governments and they rep the benefits of generations of hard work, toil and war we have had to go through to protect our freedom and build our great nations, then we give them the right to vote, which slowly but surely is turning our countries into a mess just like where they're from. I propose it only being legal to vote in our countries if your family was there before the end of WW2. I'm sick of giving all these people rights when if I wanted to be part of their shit hole country I have no rights, they come here and try and change our ways, but if they don't like our ways don't come here, just like we don't go to their countries, I think the genocide of our countries has gone on too long
We have 3rd generation citizens saying stop the mass immigration and destruction of our countries and then we have recently migrates saying let more in.
Only vote if your families been in one of the countries since 1945.
Form a union (everyone in our countries will be treated fair but lose the right to vote if family arrived after 1945)
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Don't form a union ( get walked over by the world and don't grow a back bone)
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