Would you HONESTLY (as in not at all in jest) kill a random person, for a large sum of money?

This is inspired by another post. I mean no disrespect in asking.

{I recognize we all have different views. I can be surprised by others views and very committed to my own view , without meaning Insult to another person.}

I know people like to joke about this kind of thing though ehh really the humor is lost on me.

I would like to know who here would take it upon themselves (no law jury judge court) go rogue and directly murder another human being. Who without trial, is technically innocent.

For myself, I would not. I recognize the world is full of murder and torture which is how I come to he against it. If it didn’t exist it would he meaningless to be apposed. I do try on my daily life to help these in need and repair what is damaged. Where I can. I admit I am not in any great position to bring about true Change with my personal deed, that is why it is a matter of conscience. Principles carry us through acting with grace, even when we feel powerless. And we rely on others to have the same morals so that we are all not living in hell and least is at least a possibility of change. I am not superwoman I can’t fix the world with a flick of my wrist. Maybe I will make a real difference one day. Maybe not. But meanwhile I can minimally vow against murder as torture. Seems the least I can do. Lol

I recognize this is not an overly common way of looking at the world. Many people may not be against murder or torture per se but rather, pragmatically be against committing Lawless acts. Not for altruistic purposes, but bc the world becomes a very dangerous place when we are lawless.. What if EVERYONE was suddenly offered money to kill.

Please answer honestly. I’m interested.

Thank you 😊
For the right price, I’d kill.
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I would not murder ~unless by accident, resulting from defense of myself or others.
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Would you HONESTLY (as in not at all in jest) kill a random person, for a large sum of money?
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