Why do kids support/hang around bullies?

I never understood why kids in school hang around/support bullying in school. I had a experience in the 7th grade where this scrawny Tamil kid joined our class. He could fight and was ahlectic but he look like and talked like a nerd in which I hanged around him as I was an quite introvert who went through the same thing. He got picked on but manage to beat up the kids who bullies him. The kids (both regular and bullies) became his friend. However, I noticed when he got popular he started to follow the other bullies and pick on me. One day, I asked him about why he did it and he simply said "because it is not anything personal but they do it so I'm just following them - but we're still cool, right man?" It always pissed me off.

I'm not gonna be a hypercrite through, I had done something similar when I was in the 3rd grade, some kids were picking on one of my friends back then but because I beat some other kid and they were there to see that, they liked me and wanted to befriend me however they wanted me to leave my other friend. I was afraid of being beat up so I ditched him and started hanging with them - I felt like a 3rd grade piece of shit for doing that. I hanged with them for a year but during that year I realised that they were fucking stupid shit without thinking and behaved like assholes for no reason. Eventually I learned my lesson and left the pack as I was realising how much of an idiot I was. I mostly became a loner from there on out.

What are some of your experiences, where you bullies or ever a bully? If you were a bully at one point, why and do you regret your actions?
Why do kids support/hang around bullies?
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